Jack The Ripper

Jade Miller

Who, what, when, where, & why

Jack the Ripper was a murderer in the East End of London in 1888. Jack only had 5 victims: Mary Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes, and Mary Kelly. He was known for murdering prostitutes and on some of them he even removed vital organs from their bodies. Many of them also had their necks slit. One was so deep she was almost decapitated.
Serial Killers - Jack the Ripper (The Whitechapel Murderer) - Documentary

Perspective 1:

Some contemporaries starting thinking Jack the Ripper could even be a girl. Though it would be unlikely because of how violent the murders were. "Later proponents of this "Jill the Ripper" theory suggests that a midwife (possibly an abortionist) would have had the anatomical knowledge usually attributed to the Ripper, and would have had easy access to her female victims." (History.com, August 15, 2012, History.com Staff)

Perspective 2:

Others suggested Jack the Ripper could be a foreigner. They thought it was impossible that someone from London could possibly murder in such a vicious way. The press started making people think Jack was an immigrant from a foreign country. "The recent influx of Jews to Britain, fleeing oppression in Eastern Europe, combined with the undercurrent of antisemitism in Britain to foster the belief among many that a Jew was a killer." ( historyextra.com, September 8 2014, Mason) Many people started getting worried because of the medieval Jewish ritual of Jews killing Gentile children. Many stories started arising of Jews purging their selves with the blood of Gentile women after having sex with them.

Media Bias Explained

As previously stated this was going on around the same time as the oppression of Jews in Germany so many were fleeing to come to London. Because of the recent incoming of Jewish people the people living in London at the time turned their fear and blame towards them. The media would do things like post drawings of Jack the Ripper being Jewish.

Criticism 1:

The first criticism they had was feminist. The media started making people think instead of Jack the Ripper it was Jill the Ripper. They think that since many of the women had organs removed, including a uterus, that The Ripper had to be a woman because only a woman would know the correct anatomy of the bodies.

Criticism 2:

The second criticism would be cultural. The media put blame of the murders on Jewish people because of their ancient rituals such as killing Gentile children. The people in London needed someone to be able to blame so they turned their anger towards the Jews.

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