Primer Mid-September newsletter

September 14, 2014

Academic Objectives

Reading: I PICK and Reader's notebook

Writing: Narratives

Phonics: H brothers and snap words

Math: Equal sign, tens and ones and math facts

Science: Habitats

Social Studies: Mindful choices

Notes from the classroom

We have completed a lot of things in only 13 days. Some of the exciting things include five snack demonstrations, two mystery readers, one football buddy visit, publishing our first story in writing workshop, building stamina to read for 15 minutes, and many tooth pulls from Nurse Carla. I am amazed at how much we have learned and accomplished. Thank you for your help and support.

Student spotlight: Marshall

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Written by: Marshall

Hi, my name is Marshall Lee Sudbury. I am named after my grandpa and Dad. They both have "Marshall" as their middle names. In my family I have a sister named Annie that goes to Hockaday and a yellow lab named Pancho. I like to eat lots of food. My favorites are sausage, chicken, fruit and really any type of meat. I like to play legos, and video games. On the weekends, I like to go outside and have fun. I am really good at soccer and football. I also like to go hunting with my dad at our ranch or with our friends at a little place outside of town. I like to go to football games too. I am having a great time in Primer!

The Hohenshelts

Margaret is six, the youngest in her family, and has an older sister Virginia, who is in 4th grade at ESD. Margaret describes her family as being very active and loving the outdoors. She and her family enjoy spending time each summer in Colorado where they go biking, hiking, fishing and zip lining. In Dallas they love to bike the Katy Trail or go to Lakeside Park and see the giant teddy bear. They enjoy meals together on Sunday nights, the winter months are especially delicious when they make "Sunday Soup"(a yummy pot roast). Margaret's Daddy travels often and the family enjoys visiting some of the cool cities where he works. One of Margaret's favorite places she has visited is New York City where she likes to ice skate, see performances, and visit Dylan's Candy Bar.

Math Focus

Math Anxiety

Check out this interesting article about how math anxiety can cause trouble for learners as young as first grade.

Upcoming events

Please mark you calendar for the following upcoming events.

  • Monday, September 15 International Dot Day- students may wear a dot or dot clothing with appropriate athletic shoes for PE. If students are not choosing to participate they may wear their uniform.
  • Thursday, September 18 Picnic Lunch
  • Tuesday, September 23 Back to School Night 4:30-6:00 (come and go format, students are requested to be in their uniform unless coming from or attending a practice). Please download a QR code reader app to a device you will bring to this event. You and your child will need this app for back to school night.
  • Thursday, September 25 Family Game Day 1:45-2:15 in the Primer classroom
  • Friday, September 26 Early Dismissal at 11:45
  • Wednesday, October 8- Field Trip to Dallas Children's Theater Field Trip and Drama Class Depart at 9:30 AM and arrive at 1:30.