Boardslide A Rainbow Box

Mrs. Goodell


Who doesn't want to learn how to ride on a rainbow box. It gives you street cred, you may win over a few hearts, and it's exhilarating. You'll leave the mountain feeling like you owned it!


  • spring weather
  • goggles
  • snowboard pants
  • snowboard jacket
  • snowboard boots
  • snowboard
  • bindings
  • rainbow box
  • confidence
  • beanie
  • iphone and headphones
  • friends cheering you on


  1. Locate a rainbow box that fits into your ability level.
  2. Take a run or two by the rainbow box.
  3. On those run by runs, inspect the height, width, approach and landing of the box. Safety First!
  4. Ask your friends to video tape your run.
  5. Start down the hill towards the box with a decent amount of speed.
  6. Point the front tip of your board towards the rainbow box
  7. Bend your knees and ollie (small jump) onto the start of the rainbow box.
  8. Keep your knees bent and your board pointed toward the end of the box.
  9. Ride it out after finishing the box so you're out of the next boarder's way.
  10. Act cool. Even if it was difficult :)
Rainbow box

My experience:

Overall, I feel the faster you approach it, the better you execute it. Have confidence and fun. Next time, I am definitely going to board slide on a higher rainbow.
Q: Does it matter what board you have:

A: No, as long as you feel comfortable on it. A felxible one with a wide stance is the most preferred set-up.

Q: How long should you snowboard for before you attempt park features:
A: Make sure you can carve, ollie, and do a 180 before attempting any park features.