Grove Street Land


we are located in south africa

how did you orginate

we were found by germany

type of economy

we are a market economy

type of government

my gov't is a monarchy


we speak english


we have 18.5M people

National Anthem

Fetty wap - Time

claim to fame

we have the best trees and and the biggest city ever

national animal



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what do you trade

we trade horse hair off their tails and raw meat

who of some of your trading partners

we trade most of our things with new england and america

memebership in the U.S.


List 10 laws

1. No Violence

2. Do not trade if they are not our trading partners.

3. Be focused

4. if you break any laws you will face the consequence

5. have faith

6. pray everyday

7. respect human life

8. you shall attend church

9. do not steal

10. do not kill

list 3 current events which are going on right now

1. Minimum Hourly Wage Rises to $10 on Jan. 1

2. Public Lands Stockpiled by Oil Companies

3. High Court Ruling on School Segregation