Who's Waiting for Godot?

Watching out for Pozzo

Who are you waiting for?

When you try to define someone, do you use the social constructs?

Do you know what the social constructs are? They are Family, Race, Religion, Economy, Gender, and Education.

In the play Waiting for Godot, the character Pozzo portrays several of these constructs.


Pozzo shows the religion, economy, gender, and education constructs.

The religion construct is shown by him directly stating that all of them were mad in Gods image.

The Economy construct is shown because he is obviously more wealthy than the other three gentlemen, with his better dress, and food.

The Gender construct is shown because he is very masculine and brash towards lucky, also that all of them are males.

Finally, the Education construct is shown by him knowing what the time and date are, and none of the other men even knowing what day of the week it was.

Tyrant? or Democrat?

Pozzo has a sort of God complex about himself. He is constantly looking down on the three men, most of all luck. Pozzo has some obvious wealth to his name, this is shown by his having better clothes and food than Didi and Gogo. Pozzo almost always has a whip in his hand to control his "friend" of more that two decades, Lucky.