Technology Class

Lineville Intermediate


  • It is an easy way to make a movie.
  • All you do is put your photos in it and edit it with music.
  • Then you can preview it and save it to your camera roll.


  • First you choose from a theme.
  • Then you add photos and subtitles.
  • Last you preview it and save to your camera roll.

Haiku Deck

  • What you do is choose a title and then you explain things about that title.
  • You can change the format and backgrounds.
  • This is more of a slideshow then a movie.

Explain Everything

  • In Explain Everything you explain a professional topic.
  • What you do is choose a topic and then you explain it in a slideshow.
  • You can record your voice to help explain.

Go Animate

  • First you choose a topic then you use avatars.
  • The avatars can say the words that you type.
  • then you can also make them do actions.