The History Behind D-Day

Mana Tangirala

What was D-Day?

D-Day was an the biggest invasion in history. It was very important in World War II. The operation occurred on June 6, 1944 after the five years of battle with Germany.
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Why was it named D-Day?

The operation's codename was Overlord. Many people don't really know why it called D-Day. Few people think they know what the "D" in D-Day means. Some think it just means "day." While others think it means "departure", "decision", or even "doomsday." The military used "D" in case one day it stood for anything. However it does not. The military also used "H-Hour" for the time on D-Day when the battle began. However, there is no "official" meaning of D-Day. It is just a regular battle day!
The image above was The Northrop P-61B Block Widow. It was used for night attack missions.