Social Media

School & Social Media

Is It Okay?

More and more students have their own cellphone, and teens like taking pictures, no matter if its themselves or others, and they upload it on social media sites. But is it actually okay in terms of other people's privacy?

Is Social Media Allowed In School?

The only social media allowed in school is BYOD and that is bring your own device and when we bring our device we are only expected to use it for research and work to our on our assignments.

How can we use social media responsibly?

We can use it responsibly by following the rules of the school, by not taking pictures, not going on inappropriate website during school time, or not using it in the right way and that sometimes means confiscating phones, or electronics that students have and that happens when they get caught.
Why cell phones should be allowed in schools.

inappropriate & disrespect language and photos

Some people take photos of people at school without the other people agreeing to it or without knowing, this can cause many problems such as getting in fights or getting made at each other or maybe that person doesn't want his/her privacy to be exposed on the internet. Some people also take photos of other people post it and start making fun of them on social media and that cause for some people depression and can equal suicide