Digital Citizenship

Cooper.K P.2

What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital Citizenship is what YOU choose to do on your phone or your computer it's like what you write or you say can be offensive or can be taken in the wrong to other people so here is 7 rules to follow to make sure because it can ruin your whole life.


It's just like real life so treat people like how you want to be treated and that is with kindness and friendship.


Just don't give out your information to random people or random websites and if you are joining just read the terms and conditions to know if it's ok join.


It's your digital networking or your social media like your friends or teacher for an example that is digital networking and don't be friends with anybody that you don't know haven't seen in person.


Watch out for the thing you sign up for don't put your personal information online because you are probably getting trick or something like a virus or getting your credit card information stolen.


If you or someone else are getting bullied you should tell adult and tell them that you or someone else are getting bullied and try to get all of the proof that they did that of them bullying you or someone else so be safe.


Don't use other people's work or even anything but as long as you give credit to the person you are good but if you don't you could have bad consequences like you could fail a class, even get kick out of that school or go to jail and/or have to pay for a ticket so just give credit to that person.


Now the final rule copyright is a law that protects people works, painting, book, or even songs so to avoid this try to find a copyright symbol and this is like the last rule so just in case you can try to contact the creator of using their works.