The Digestive System

The System That Gets Food Not Just In, But Also Out

What is it?

The digestive system is how your food gets in your body and then it is also how your food gets out. There are about 8 stages of how the food gets in and out and I will tell you about all stages. This newsletter can get very gross, but it is important to know to live a long life. It is the oral activity, the esophagus, stomach, small intestine and large intestine, the rectum and anus. Read on to find out about the journey your food takes!

What are the major parts and what do they do?

There are many major parts to help the digestive system work properly based on________. First, the oral activity, or chewing, happens in your mouth. This part allows you to get the food in and chew it with your teeth. In fact, you should go to the dentist so that they can check your teeth and make sure you have no cavities. Your teeth tell a lot about your health. Next, your food travels down to the esophagus. The esophagus takes the food and brings it to the stomach and brings the oxygen to the lungs. The stomach is a really big part of the digestive system because it melts the food into really tiny pieces with stomach acid. It brings the food next to the small intestine which can be as long as 23 feet. The small intestine is really the main part of digesting. Even though the small intestine is longer than the large intestine, the small intestine is smaller in width. Lastly, the food reaches the ending point. The food comes out of your body either through the rear or through the anus.
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What jobs does the system do? Why is it important?

The digestive system does a lot of things for a special purpose. For example, the digestive system breaks down the food in the stomach, so that the food can go through both intestines and so that it can be released out of either the rear or the anus. The digestive system gets the food out of your body. You need to get the food out of your body, so you don't get to a 300-800 pound range. Lastly, the digestive system makes sure that you don't choke on your food. You may not know this, but your mouth is part of your digestive system. Your mouth chews down the food that you put in your mouth so that it is small enough for the esophagus. If you don't chew it enough then you choke. That is very scary though so you want to always chew your food. Also, when you are full don't eat because your acid will build up and you will vomit.

How do you keep your system healthy?

To keep your digestive system healthy you can, eat well. You should eat off of your food plate every night, along with some dessert. You should always exercise. You should exercise because it lowers the risk of getting diagnosed with a disease like type 2 diabetes. You should chew your food so that you don't have to give your esophagus a lot of stress.

What are common diseases with the digestive system?

  1. Acid Reflux- is when your acid builds up all the way to your esophagus and maybe even your throat!
  2. vomit- is when you're food not getting digested and comes back up to your mouth and comes out.
  3. Celiac Disease- is a disease where your small intestine doesn't let gluten in.
  4. Crohn's Disease- is a disease in the intestines where the food gets off track of the digestive system.

All about exercise

Exercising is important because if you want your digestive system or any system to work then you need to. If you want to stay fit like the girl in the photograph (above) then you should exercise. Exercising is anything from baseball or basketball to jumping rope or even stretching. You can even be strong that way. You should exercise because your system will work way better and faster.
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