GMOs - harming our health

GMOs have catastrophic effects

Health Risks

GMOs often have drastic health risk such as it can lead to an increased risk of cancer. The foreign inserted genes can cause allergies and diseases. They have often failed allergy tests and have caused infant mortality and reproductive problems. They can also cause sterility, disease, and death as proved by various tests. Biotech industries promote it being safe, but in reality, they do it just to roll in profits since the more people that buy the GMOs goods, the more money they earn. Keeping an eye on their own paychecks has caused many companies to lie and the most prominent may be Monsanto. He has repeatedly kept farmers from telling the truth about their corps and animals by scaring them, and the ones who do speak out, he entangles them in extensive lawsuits and sues them. Problems such as these result in a lack of scientifically sound information against GMOs, but there is still much available. What Monsanto doesn't tell us is that the altered DNA from the GMOs could be transferred into our systems causing mutations. Also, glyphosate, a chemical found in GMOs are linked to birth defects, Autism, Parkinson's, and Alzheimer's. GMOs can cause many health diseases and have adverse effects on the body and for that reason should not be used in any country, especially less developed ones.

GMOs shouldn't be used in LDCs

It is not okay to use GMOs in LDCs because it hurts the already fragile health conditions of those countries. LDCs trying to build up their economy often use GMOs because they think it will lead to massive profits in the agribusiness industry as promised by the biotech companies. However, that is not true as the GMOs often fail leading to drastic problems such as India's increased rates of farmer suicide. GMOs lead to many health risks as a consequence of consuming them. Less developed countries cannot afford those consequences. They already barely have the sufficient needs to take care of their citizens; they do not needed added health problems. The Green Revolution seemed to have promised all the answers. However, much of the benefits are limited in LDCs since most of the technology is very costly. GMO seeds cost about $300 while regular seeds cost half of that. The country already can barely afford to buy the products, and after they do, they won't have any money to be able to afford it's citizens medical care to deal with the various health problems that come as a result of those GMOs. The use of GMOs is actually hindering the development of countries since it puts a lot of stress on the financial resources of a country.


Join the protests against GMOs today! Sign the petition and help make the world a healthier and happier place. Getting the WHO to recognize the catastrophic effects of GMOs is the first step in changing this corrupt system. With your help, GMOs can be banned and our planet and bodies can be healthy again.