Bulldog Bulletin

Belmont Elementary 5th Grade

English Language Arts

This week 5th graders will be learning about the different Acts that King George placed upon the colonies before the Revolutionary War. They will also learn about the Boston Tea Party and the Boston Massacre. They will work on compare and contrasting the two different perspectives on the Boston Massacre and discuss what makes them different.
We will continue to review figurative language and the meanings of idioms, adages, proverbs, similes, and metaphors.

We will also be working on creating a menu idea for the district. This will take planning, organizing, and understanding how to create a balanced meal. The meals will be voted on by the 5th graders and one meal from each class will become a part of our school lunch menu in April. How fun!

1. I can identify the causes and effects of the Townshend and the Intolerable Acts.
2. I can discuss and evaluate the different sides of the Boston Massacre.
3. I can identify a simile, metaphor, idiom, adages, and proverb and explain the meaning behind it.
4. I can create a balanced meal using the guidelines provided to present to the class.


This week we are wrapping up our mixed numbers unit. Students will be applying their skills to real life situations and reviewing the skills we have learned in this unit.


1. I can estimate the sums and differences of mixed numbers by using a number line to round.

2. I can add mixed numbers.
3. I can regroup in order to subtract mixed numbers.

Social Studies Focus - The Road to Independence

We continue to learn about the "Road to Independence". Students will continue to inquire about these guiding questions:

1. What were the consequences of colonies resisting British policies?

2. How were the rights of colonists different from those of citizens living in Britain?

3. How did the Enlightenment shape the idea of government in the American colonies?

4. How did the French and Indian War change the relationship between colonists, American Indians, and the British government?

5. How did the deteriorating relationship between Great Britain and the American colonies impact both countries?


1. I can draw information from multiple sources to determine the causes and effects of the Stamp, and Townshend Acts
2. I can examine the difference in the two points of views of the Boston Massacre by looking at two different portrayals of the events.


February 28 - PTO BINGO NIGHT
March 10 - Spring Pictures
March 14 - No School
March 17-21- Spring Break
April 4 - Science City Field Trip
April 7 - Growth and Development Talks
April 11 - MCMS Enrollment Visit (at Belmont)

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