Christie Newsletter

Staying Connected, Collaborative, and Committed

April 4th - 8th

Our Mission & Vision

to build a positive learning environment where ALL students are successful & create a positive and successful community of learners.


Great Job, Christie CHOIR!
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To BE a "BE like MIKE" school

WE said...

"It is necessary to be willing to learn from each other by sharing ideas and teaching strategies. Provide ideas for your team and improve your own work with others' opinions and advice. Do all of these things in order to achieve the goal of leading students to success." - Dinorah

It is the little things that are done daily that add up to bigger, more attainable goals. Not giving up is the key.

"At Christie, we are all working in a collective effort, so we need to be like MIKE (Michael Jordan)!" - Missy

"To become a Michael Jordan school, we need to work together as a team to accomplish great goals. It is by working together and combining our individual gifts into one collective effort that we can become a great school." - Julie Ratliff

"This is one of the most important aspects to achieve our goals as a team. When everyone of us collaborates with our talents, knowledge and skills, we are able to make a positive impact in every child in the classroom and in our whole school. "
-Raquel M. 3rd


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Important Dates/Events

  • Monday, April 4th, Sue McAdams is HERE!
  • Tuesday, April 5th, Name & Need
  • Wednesday, April 6th, Summer School Nominations DUE! (email to Melissa)
  • Wednesday, April 6th, Sue McAdams is HERE!
  • Wednesday, April 6th, TELPAS EOW Meeting
  • Thursday, April 7th, Summative Meetings
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