The Christmas Day Truce

By Jadyn

What Was the Christmas Truce?

A truce was usually brief and short, so people say, but this truce was far longer than a few hours. The Christmas Day Truce lasted until after New Years Day. All the soldiers participated along the Western Front. They greeted each other in No-Man's-Land and shared the true meaning of Christmas.

Who Started the Truce and why?

The 1914 Truce started on Christmas Eve when a brave German soldier, Walter Congreve, walked over to the British trench. The Germans started to decorate their trench to show the British they really meant it. The truce ended when the German Snipers killed two British Soldiers. One of the British Soldiers that was killed was named Percy Huggins.

What did they do during the Truce?

The soldiers sang carols such as Holy Night and Silent Night, in carol sing offs. They exchanged gifts such as hats, buttons, plum pudding, alcohol, and cigars. They also played soccer in No-Man's Land. The soldiers repaired trenches and dugouts and buried dead bodies that laid in No Man's Land.