Developing Dialogue

Students explore and create dialogue!

The Focus on Dialogue

This week we focused not only on teaching how to incorporate dialogue into narrative writing, but also giving our students the time to write their own. We assigned each collaborative team a topic, such as a mother and daughter in a car, to develop dialogue to be occurring. The students were able to get creative as far as what the conversations would be about and other factors that would affect the conversation. Through movie clips, we were able to show examples of how dialogue plays an important roles in plots. Next week the students will be required to pick a significant dialogue part of a movie, television show, or book, to dissect and explain the importance.

Isaiah's New Ride

Please take a few minutes of your time to read about Isaiah, a student at WDMS, and his need for a wheelchair accessible van. WDMS is currently having a school-wide coin collection competition to help raise money for this great cause. The homeroom with the most money collected per grade level will earn a free pizza party.