21st Century Explorer project

By Dominic Azcona

Recently, I had discovered an amazing phenomenon. An enormous Mountain!

Called the Matterhorn " field(matte) Peak(horn)" by the locals, this specter is a majestic product of two converging tectonic plates smashing together, Located in the Alps, the Matterhorn is on the Border of Italy and Switzerland.

I had discovered the Matterhorn as I ventured through, searching far and wide for great natural findings such as this. I passed a town, asking for directions, for I had given up on the search. Then I looked up, and saw the amazing Matterhorn. Its height (14,692 ft)was astonishing. I am glad I had brought such a beauty to the modern world. It brings a multitude of tourists from around the globe to see it, bringing a great sum of money in for the country of Switzerland.


After I started on my way home, I found another amazing sight!!!

I was on my leisurely flight northbound when I saw a large shaping into the land.
The curvature of such a landmass must be documented!

I named the wonderful landmass the Scandinavian Shield. This Shield seemed to protect Europe from the arctic ocean almost.

The reason how such a wonderful sight was created, is unknown, but it is most likely due to the morphing of the tectonic plates and erosion caused the shield to shape in the way that It does.

The shield spreads over 125,020 sq. miles. It holds the countries: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, and Finland. This is home to the diverse and interesting culture of Scandinavia, descending from the Nordic Vandals and Scandinavians.

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Angel Falls

As I later detoured my way back to America, my pilot had read the maps wrong and our heading was to South America! The pilot was so embarrassed, he failed to pay attention and we crash!

Stumbling out of the wreckage, I come upon another and final sight of true masterpiece of nature appeared out of the Argentinean mists.

A waterfall that cascades down a green-brown cliff, supported with a canopy of trees.

A sure symbol of divine work. I called it " Angel Falls".

The Argentinean Angel Falls drops water nearly a kilometer (979meters) downward into a pool. It is known as the worlds tallest waterfall. It also uniquely acquires all of its water from just rainfall! (instead of the usual aquifer or the seasonal snowcaps of mountains)

Angel Falls formed from the unrelenting erosion caused by rainfall, creating a river that led off a cliff, making the waterfall!


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