The Death of Princess Diana

By: Bella Lucas

The Event

On August 31,1997, Diana of Wales died as a result of injuries sustained in a car crash in in a road tunnel in Paris France. She and two other passengers were pronounced dead at the scene. The bodyguard of Diana was the only survivor. Although the media blamed photographers for following the car to closely, after an 18-month French judicial investigation found that the crash was caused by Henri Paul, who lost control of the car at high speed while intoxicated.

What They said in the Media

The Press

Some of the media portrayed that photographers were responsible for the death of Diana. The reason for this theory is that they were following Diana`s to closely in the car causing the driver to have to speed up. The mix of speed and alcohol in the drives system cause him to loose control of the vehicle and slide into the side of a bridge.

The MI6

It had also been reported that the death was planned by the British government. The theory is that a scetion in the British secret service decided that Diana was a threat to the throne because of the information she knew about the royal family and the government. This also made her a stability of the state. In order to protect the royal family the media portrayed that the car was sabotaged by the driver, who was the only one who made it out of the crash alive.

Media Bias


The media in England portrayed that Diana was not the person she said she was and attempted to tarnish her name because people loved her more then they loved the English monarchy. On the other hand the media in America and in foreign countries were very loyal to the image of Diana and her legacy
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The death of princess Diana had a powerful impact of the world because of she was royal. Not only was she royal she was brought into the royal family from being a commoner even though the royal family (especially the queen) was not fond of her the. The fact that she was a commoner seemed to give hope to the dream that many young girls have/had of becoming an empowered princess. She was more then just a pretty face in the monarchy, she was caring, kind, and compassionate to everyone she met.
The Death of Princess Diana (Conspiracy Documentary)


The cultural criticism is that some people say that Diana was murdered by her ex-husband Prince Charles because he wanted to marry his new girlfriend and if Diana was still alive he would have to give up his change for he thrown. It is common practice in the monarch culture to stay married to your spouse even if you are unhappy in the marriage because it preserves the image of the couple and relatives.