The tale of a giant cloud of space gas.

What is a Nebula?

A nebula is a cloud of gas usually made of particles of blown up star. The pieces of star it is made out of is called interstellar medium. Nebulae usually are formed near a star, or near where a star was at one point.
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Types of Nebulae

There are two types of nebulae. First you have the Planetary Nebula, which is the smaller of the two types. And it usually forms around a star making the star look like it has a smooth glassy atmosphere. The second of the two types is the Diffuse Nebula which is the larger of the two. It occurs near stars or where star have been.
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How is it Made?

Each of the two types of Nebulae have a different process in which they are made. The Planetary Nebula forms around dying stars. They are made out of the particles of gas that the dying star is releasing from it's atmosphere. It gives the star a very smooth appearance.

The Diffuse Nebula is created near very hot, bright stars. The star emits strong UV rays which energizes gas particles near the star. The UV rays let the gas particles give off their own light.

Creating Stars

A nebula can create a star. The particles of gas that the nebula is made up of star to bunch up and create clumps. The clumps start to get big enough to create a source of heat at their core. The new star starts to get large and bright enough to shine.
The Orion Nebula ~ Ultra HD 4K ~


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