Abigail Adams

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No one may know Abigail Adams. But she was the First Lady because she was married to John Adams. Her early life was weird. You will learn about her early life like she didn't go to school. She got a new family! She had kids! Abigail was happy. Abigail was lucky. She got home schooled. But she wanted to go to school. She was also embarrassed of her education.

Early life

Know this is the time that you can learn about her early life.( or on line) One thing is like she didn't o to school but she really wanted to. She was called always sick because she was sick all the time. Abigail didn't go to school. She thought that it was unfair that her brother William could go to school but she couldn't. Later she found out that girls in colonial time didn't have the same rights as boys. Her sisters and her were lucky though. Their mother had thought them how to cook,read,sew,write,and arithmetic. Often visitors would visit the smith library. They would talk about politics and other stuff. Girls usually didn't listen in but her father encouraged it. She was shy and never had really any opinions. One day John Adams came. Abigail and John kept seeing each other. And that's how the story began. Abigail was born on November 22,1744 in Weymouth Ma and died on October 28,1818 in Quincy Ma.


You may not know about Abigail's new family. Like she married John Adams and had six kids. Abigail had six kids but it was kind of sad because one is stillborn. But still five kids. In her old family she had a mom and dad plus one brother and two sisters. While John would be at work Abigail would stay home and take care of her kids. Also clean the house make food and also make cloths. Her mom and dad didn't like that John came from a family of farmers. But when he was almost twenty nine and she was twenty, they changed their minds and let them get married. Abigail had six kids to take car of. Plus John. She also had a mom and dad and three siblings.

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Do you know anything about her ancestors? Well if you dont this will be the time you can learn. One of her ancestors is John Adams. John was her husband. He was born one October 30,1735 in Braintree Ma. Another is her mom. Elizabeth Quincy Smith. Next is her dad. John Quincy. Also her two sisters. Mary and Elizabeth Quicy. Last is her brother. William Quincy. So you may not have known any of her ancestors. But there are more. But these were just some.


So Abigail was not known by a lot of people. But she was still married to John Adams witch made her the First Lady. Do you know no why her early life was weird? If you don't go back and look. So Abigail did have a family like most people. So I hope you learned in that paragraph. Those where not all of her ancestors. But it was some. So again Abigail was the First Lady and was married to John Adams.


SAME RIGHTS- it's like girls can do stuff that boys can't do

LAWYER- a person whose job is to guide and assist people in matters relating to the law

POLOTICS- showing good judgment especially in dealing with other people

ENCOURAGE- to make someone more detriment, hopeful, or confident

JULY 4- July 4 is independence day



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