Presidential Job Fair

White House job fair wanted!

Job Requirements

1. Must be 35 years old of age

2. Must be a resident "within the United States" for 14 years

3. Must be a natural born citizen, a term not defined in the Constitution


1. serve for 4 years

2. Residency in the White House

3. 400,000 a year with benefits

4. Secret service for life

5. Commander and Chief

6. Personal Chef

10 constitutional powers granted in article II

  1. Executive powers
  2. Powers related to legislation
  3. Powers of appointment
  4. Executive clemency
  5. Foreign Affairs
  6. Emergency powers
  7. Executive privilege
  8. Constraints on Presidential power
  9. Implied Powers
  10. Pardons
The powers related to legislation is the most important because it grants a power to pass bills and laws.
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Leadership qualities

  1. Consensus building allows you to recognize a situation and simply not just coming to an agreement but viewing the supported facts.
  2. Effective and resolute decision making from all levels involves a diverse thought and time of convergent looking for areas of agreement.
  3. The ability to create collaborative tiger team. A tiger team begins from a place of high performance because of the teaming skills each individual brings.
  4. Encourage dynamic conflict resolution is an election that has been divisive and ideological conflict so deep that the new president must spend more time focused on the conflict between perspectives.
  5. Facilitate means that the new president should make it easy for his people to view what occurs in the government.