Kali & Brian

Flight Costs

The total flight cost is 1,282.76. You leave on May 27 at 9:41am and arrive at 2:05pm. Then returning is June 2 leave 3:02pm & arrive 7:58pm. Total Departure time is 4hr 24min. Return is 4hr 56min. Overall time = 9hr 20min.


The 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th are going to be $341.02. The 5th is going to be $341.04. The last night is going to be $340.04. The total is $2,045.16.

Daily Meals

Your total dollar amount is $600. For drinks snacks & daily meals.


Your total amount is $900. You get $150 a day.

Other Expenses

Total amount is $174.08.

$29 dollars a day.


Travel $1,280.76

Lodging $ 2,045.16

Daily Meals $600

Recreation $900

Other Expenses $174.08

Total $5,000.00