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6th grade

7th grade

8th grade

Our learning:

So much has changed since March 13th, we wanted to take the time to share with you where our communication/learning assignments will be located. Please, especially for ELA and SS, ask your child for the Google Classroom password. While we will invite you to our class over the next week or so, you will have so much more information at your fingertips if you have access to your child's account.

Below you will find the links to each teacher's learning plan or web site. While these can also be found when visiting the Infinity website on Wredling's website, you may want to bookmark these links for easy access. Please remember most are currently under construction as we prepare for students.

All ELA: Mrs Dean's website

All SS: Mrs. Fullmer’s website

6th Science: Mrs. Olson’s website

6th Math: Mr. Windle’s class code: 325lhqd

7th Science: Mrs. Heiney’s website

7th Math: Mr. Blinstrip’s class code: i2ieauu

8th Science: Mrs. Tosello's class code: 3it5rrzs

8th Math: Infinity Geometry, 8th hour, google classroom code: 2ifl5iv

Asynchronous: To put it simply, this means that people are not coming together at one time and being present in one place whether it's physical or digital. This also applies to specific times. Much of our learning last spring was asynchronous and you completed much of your work when you wanted to.

Synchronous: The opposite of asynchronous. This means that people come together in a common place at a common time just like when we are physically in school.