Gun Violence

By Matthew, Jennifer, Sarah, and JD

Operation Ceasefire 2

In America, some people face they struggle of gang violence in urban areas. People steal firearms without getting a permit or a license, and spread violence throughout America. Operation Ceasefire was made to stop this.
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What was Already on the Program

The program before our improvements included setting a direct attack on illicit firearms traffickers and a set of intervention actions that gave gang members a strong deterrent to gun violence. Police placed strong and targeted enforcement pressure on gang members to discourage gun carrying.

Our Improvements

Our goal was to make sure people can stay safe and worry free from gun violence all across America. In order to succeed in this goal, we made improvements to Operation Ceasefire. Our improvement are:

  • Guns cannot be passed down to family members unless they have a license.
  • Gun purchasers can obtain a permit only after a thorough background check
  • The age people can own guns changes from 18 years old to 25 years old
  • The cost of bullets improves
  • Reducing children's exposure to violence and guns by decreasing amount of gun use on video games, and T.V.

With these improvements we can make America safer from violence.

How our Program Improvements will Solve Gun Violence

Many people obtain guns through a family member who had died. The people obtaining the guns don't have a permit but get the guns anyway. If, for example a person is known for being violent and isn't eligible for a gun license, but gets a gun, that could be really bad for those around him. With our program improvements, we can prevent that from happening.

In many states, in order to get a gun license, you need a background check. In some, however, all you need is a drivers license and a credit/debit card. This could be dangerous, especially if the person buying the gun had served in prison. With this program, we can make sure that every state requires a thorough background check before buying guns, so dangerous situations can be avoided.

The age that people can buy guns is 18 years old. 18 year old's in college might not be as trust able or mature enough to handle guns. That's why we say to move the age you can buy guns to 25, since it is a more mature age.

Bullets for the average handgun are about $0.25 a round. That's pretty cheap if you had a handgun. Someone who gets a gun illegally would easily be able to pay for bullets, which could not be good if the person were to cause a criminal act. If we raise the price of ammunition for guns, it would be harder for the criminal to get the required bullets. This could prevent future danger.

Many video games that kids play and T.V. shows and movies they watch are all about killing people with guns. If a kid gets so obsessed with these games and movies, they might want to try doing the things they see and play in real life. If we reduce the amount of violence kids watch, they may not grow up as violent.

How it will Affect the Lives of Everyday Citizens in the USA

With our improved version of Operation Ceasefire, we are ensuring that people who might break the law, or even kill people, won't gain a firearm. We are preventing future incidents with guns , so that everyday citizen can stay safe in America.