Team Miami!

Star Challenge!

We are going for STAR TEAM!!!

Hello Team Miami!!!

It was SO great meeting you last week. I am so pumped and inspired by all of you and your GOALS, what you want to accomplish down in South Florida, and your love of our brand! WOW! I know that Suzy has shared her big goal with you....STAR STYLIST! How awesome is that?? You are so lucky to have such a determined leader coaching you every day!

Suzy will be in touch to discuss booking and getting your April in shape! Here is what we need to hit STAR:

- We need $12,500 in sales as a team in APRIL!

- We need an Associate Stylist leg (Karina and Norma!)

- We need Suzy to sell $2,300!

- We need everyone to qualify at $500!

To make this super fun and exciting, Suzy and I have teamed up together with a special challenge just for you all!!!

See below for details! LET'S DO THIS!!! xoxo


Let's hit STAR together and we will celebrate with...

Big image

a Sephora Gift Card to pick out your favorite polishes...

Big image

And a special engraved piece (TBD) for YOU!

Big image

Tips for booking and selling!

There are so many things you can do to help us with this goal!

- Book, book, book! An average trunk show is $1,000 in sales so call your mom, friend, neighbor, or host your own show!

- If you are brand new, host your own "double-dip" trunk show where you can collect hostess rewards and commission!

- I challenged my hostesses for APRIL to collect THREE outside orders BEFORE their show! I sent the Summer collection video to the hostess and told her that if she collected these orders, I would gift her a POUF for free!

- Invite 5 girlfriends over to your house this Month! Why not??? Share the jewels and have them play! You may end up with some orders and a qualified party!

- Give a few samples to friends to WEAR all weekend long (especially over Easter weekend!)! They can wear and share and collect orders too!!!

- Set up at your local salon this Month. Pass books out while ladies are getting their hair done!!!

-Last but not least, and again....BOOK, BOOK, BOOK! There is no magic! Just watch the videos in SDU and do what they tell you to do! Don't re-invent the wheel! Our system works. I did it today and I booked! I warmed up potentials on Monday and CALLED today...1 out of the 10 booked! SUCCESS!

Good luck and have fun!