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January 15, 2023

Happy New Year!

I hope your families enjoyed the holiday break and you are settling nicely into your classes this semester.


Counselor Course Request Meetings

Starting, January 17th, on a designated day for each class, Counselors will be meeting with students individually during US History to review course requests for the following school year. For additional information, please review the course selection page.

Start or continue your College/Career Search!

Many students start to focus their energy on searching for colleges and an intended career path.

Visiting Colleges On-Campus

Now is a good time to map out your college visits and get on college campuses if you have not already. Spring break week is a great time to visit colleges since we are not in school, but many colleges are in full session that week. To schedule an on-campus visit, schedule on the college's admission website.

SAT/ACT Test and Study Resources

For all juniors, WTHS has registered our students for the SAT on April 13, 2023 at the Almond Campus. It is an official SAT and graduation requirement. We do advise students to take both an official or practice ACT and SAT for college admissions to see which test reflects a higher overall score. Then plan to take your preferred test at least twice to see where your score progresses.

There is no guarantee colleges will maintain test-optional admissions as many institutions have with the Class of 2023. Most colleges will not confirm their test admissions policies for the next admissions cycle until later this spring or summer. For a list of those participating in test optional admissions currently for this school year, visit

For additional information, see below for a list of free tips, click HERE for a resource folder or view the presentation with Compass Test Prep in December, 2022. For suggestions about test prep resources view suggestions HERE posted to our website.

Taking a Practice ACT or SAT Test

*The Grayslake Area Public Library is hosting a free, full-length virtual practice ACT or SAT on February 4th. A link will be emailed to all registrants prior to event. To register, click HERE. Participants are not required to be a library card holder.

**The Warren Newport library is hosting a free, practice ACT on March 4th in collaboration with Huntington Learning. Click HERE for more information and to register. Registration opens February 18th.


Here we go! Your last semester of high school is upon us....aaaaahhhhhh!!!!


The countdown to graduation on Sunday, May 21st, 2023 has started! Click HERE for information regarding graduation.

Action Items after being admitted

  • Many students feel in a holding pattern right now. Many have applied, some have been accepted (Congratulations!), while others are waiting for an admissions decision.
  • Continue to check the college's application portals where you applied and once accepted, pay close attention to additional scholarship opportunities and next steps.
  • I would caution to make sure you receive your financial aid award letters from each school before cutting ties with any school you are not interested in . I know, they are sending you TONS of emails and communication and their institution's next steps to enroll. But you don't want to commit to any college (i.e. pay a housing deposit, enrollment deposit, etc...) until you are FOR SURE that is the school you would like to enroll at.
  • Once you receive the financial aid award letter, it will break down the costs of attendance from how much scholarship, grant, work-study and loan options they are offering to finance your college education.
  • This ISAC Financial Aid Comparison tool will be helpful when comparing the award letters. As always, we as counselors or the financial aid offices at the specific institutions will be helpful in answering questions you may have. You may also want to reference the financial aid FAQ Document
  • This Next Steps FAQ or this article will be helpful in answering your initial questions.

Blue Devil Seniors Instagram

Seniors! We need your help to honor you for our National Declaration Day festivities! When you are ready to commit or finalize your plans for after high school, send a DM @bluedevilseniors or email Mrs. McGahan with your first & last name, photo, intended college & major or career plan, or other plans you have after high school. We look forward to celebrating you!


Scholarship season is upon us! We will continually be adding more scholarships in Maia Learning (Financial Plan --> Local Scholarships), so check often! Save the date for our annual iHeart Scholarships Workshop for senior students on Friday, February 10th during the "A" portion of all lunch periods (p. 3a-6a). We will discuss our local scholarships available to Warren students and the process of how to apply/receive.

Other suggestions for scholarships include the colleges you have been admitted to for their university specific scholarships, employers, community organizations, places to eat/shop and national websites like, Think like this...if you take 1 hour to apply for a $500 scholarship, that is like earning $500/hour! These national scholarships are often stackable with your university specific financial aid, so apply for as many as you can!

For BOTH Juniors and Seniors:

ASVAB Optional Career Assessment

WTHS is hosting a paper-pencil ASVAB test for interested students on Saturday, January 28th at the Almond Campus at 9am. Space is limited, so please sign-up in Student Services by January 25th. See below for additional information.

Have a great week!

Mrs. McGahan, Post-Secondary Counselor

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Need to meet with a Counselor?

If you would like to make an appointment to meet with your Almond Campus Counselor please email them or stop down to Student Services in the main office to submit a request form. If you would like to meet with Mrs. McGahan, please scan the QR code to the right or click HERE. Book an appointment during your free period.

Parent Speaker Series

WTHS has partnered with Glenbard Parent Series through Glenbard Township High School District 87 to provide access to a distinguished speaker series dedicated to presenting relevant, high-profile authors, educators and clinicians for parents and community members.

Topics include mental health, life skills, support for parents and more!

  • These high-caliber presenters offer practical research-based knowledge, strategies, and personal experience to support students’ engaged learning, and well-being
  • All programs are free and open to the public
  • Many events are presented at both noon and 7pm, and offered in multiple languages via Zoom. Access links are available on their website below.
  • You can access the schedule for the remainder of the year here:

    • Upcoming Speakers
    • Dr. Andrew Solomon

      Wed, Jan 18 @ 7:00 pm CST - 8:00 pm CST

      Noonday Demon: An Anatomy of Depression — SPECIAL EVENT

    • Saadia Baig

      Thu, Jan 19 @ 7:00 pm CST - 8:00 pm CST

      آپ کے بچے کو پھلنے پھولنے میں مدد کے لیے والدین کی مثبت حکمت عملی/Positive Parenting Strategies to Help Your Child Flourish in Urdu

    • Michelle Garcia Winner

      Wed, Jan 25 @ 12:00 pm CST - 1:00 pm CST, 7:00 pm CST - 8:00 pm CST

      Strategies to Foster Kids’ Social Skills

    • Zaretta Hammond

      Wed, Feb 1 @ 7:00 pm CST - 8:00 pm CST

      Motivating, Supporting and Expanding the Capacity of All Students — BLACK HISTORY MONTH EVENT

Are you a First Generation College Student?

If you're planning to attend college and neither of your parents completed a college degree, then YOU are considered “First-Generation” or “First-Gen!” Did you know many of our Warren teachers are first-gen? Other more well-known first-gen college graduates include Michelle Obama, Ben Carson, Sonia Sotomayor, Oprah Winfrey, Elizabeth Warren and Bill Clinton. Over 40% of students entering college are first-gen (National Center for Education Statistics). All first-gen Almond students are invited to join our first-gen club "I'm First". Please email Mrs. McGahan ( if you are first-gen and would like college and career info!

College Information and Upcoming Events

Looking for Local Scholarships?

We are starting to receive regular scholarship opportunities in our inbox each week. To access the growing list, log onto Maia Learning. Under Financial Plan --> Local Scholarships. The list will continue to grow until spring break, so check often!

If you need to request a transcript for a scholarship, please complete this FORM. You may pick-up transcripts from Mrs. Maggiore in Student Services in the main office.

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IIT's NROTC Webinar, January 25th

Illinois Tech will be hosting an informational webinar about IIT's NROTC Prep Program. It will take place on January 25th from 5:00 PM to 5:45 PM CST. Please click here to register for this event.

This spring, the deadline for applications to the NROTC Preparatory Program is March 1st. Students selected for the NPP Scholarship will receive one year’s tuition paid by the University. If the student earns a 2.8 GPA or above and performs well during this prep year, they will automatically be granted a 4-Year NROTC Scholarship by the U.S. Navy. The NPP program is only for students who want to serve in the Navy after graduation, and is not available for students interested in serving in the Marine Corps.

More information about the program, to include instructions for application, can be found here on IIT's website.

CLC: Resources and Upcoming Events

WTHS is fortunate to have Ms. Quinnlyn Meadowcroft, our CLC College Career Navigator, housed in the Almond College and Career Center to assist all students. Whether you are exploring your options, thinking of taking one class or enroll full-time at CLC after high school, Ms. Meadowcroft will be your point-person every step of the way.

**Friday, January 27th: Application Workshop for Seniors during periods 3-5 in Almond CCC. Stop by with your Social Security Number (if applicable) and Chromebook to apply and get the process started!

  • Click HERE to learn about CLC Enrollment Steps
  • Click HERE to learn about CLC Proficiencies, Prerequisites and Placement Testing

Feel free to contact Ms. Meadowcroft should you have any questions about CLC or how to enroll ( Or schedule an appointment with her HERE.

CLC: Engage SAT Test Prep Course

Looking to prepare for and achieve your best on the SAT? Engage in algebra, geometry, advanced algebra and basic mathematical refreshers to polish your math skills. Discover helpful ways to remember grammatical rules and effective strategies to help you approach reading passages and questions confidently. Be prepared for the upcoming SAT test dates of March 11 and May 6, 2023.

Class meet in-person on:

Sat 9:00AM - 12:00PM
Jan 28, 2023 to Mar 04, 2023

Sat 9:00AM - 12:00PM

Mar 11, 2023 to Apr 22, 2023

For more information and to register, click HERE.

GAP Year Fairs, January 27 or 28

Thinking about taking a break between high school and college?

Join in-person for the Chicago USA Gap Year Fair to get the most up to date information about gap year basics, advice for researching & planning your gap year, navigating the college deferral process, gap year program application tips & deadlines, and how seniors can earn a $5,000 gap year scholarship!

Register now for our Chicago area gap year fairs:

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FREE SAT/ACT Test at Grayslake Library, 2/4

Would you like to take a free, virtual, full-length practice SAT or ACT test to help you prepare for the actual exam? Register HERE to take the test. Participants do not need to be Grayslake Library cardholders. Presented in partnership with C2 Education. A link will be emailed to all registrants prior to event.

U.S. Military Reps to Visit Almond Cafeteria

For students interested in learning more about the U.S. Military, representatives from the following branches will be located at the front of the Almond Cafeteria. Stop by their table to receive additional information!

Army Reserve – 3rd Tuesday of the month

Army – 2nd Tuesday of the month

Navy – 4th Tuesday of the month

Marines – 3rd Thursday of the month

Air Force - 4th Thursday of the month

10 Suggestions For Making Your College Decision

As seniors receive their college acceptances, many students look for means to help narrow their list. Here are a few suggestions to help! Especially if your family is not able to visit the campus this winter. As always, contact your counselor or a post-secondary counselor for assistance!

Class of 2024: Want to learn how to apply to college?

Then plan to register and attend College Knowledge this summer, 2023!

This comprehensive, 2 day, 2 1/2 hour workshop in the Almond Campus College and Career Center will walk you through the entire process and you will leave feel relieved about how simplistic the process is!

  • A binder of information will be distributed to each student including information about admissions, financial aid, scholarships, college search, Maia Learning, Common App, Coalition App, and more!
  • We will host Illinois State University to complete a live application to see what the applications are all about.
  • An English teacher will provide an introduction to the Common App essay prompts and essay writing in general.
  • A college-student panel of WTHS alumni will return to share their insight about the process and college life.
  • All for FREE!
  • Sign-up for one of our 4 sessions today to lock in your spot!
  • Session 1: June 5-6...9:45-12:15
  • Session 2: June 5-6...12:45-3:15
  • Session 3: June 7-8...9:45-12:15
  • Session 4: June 7-8...12:45-3:15

Career/Job Opportunities

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Industry Speaker Series: Plumber

We look forward to hosting a series of speakers to expose students to a variety of careers and industries. See upcoming speakers below and sign-up in Maia Learning to attend if you're interested in learning more. By attending, students can expect to gain knowledge about the industry and jobs available within. Information shared by the speakers may include: job history, job outlook, responsibilities, required training/education and practical advice and tips. Students must be passing the class of the event, are expected to talk to their teacher prior for make-up work and attend class if they have an assessment, presentation or project due that period. The absence will be excused as long as they registered by the end of the school day prior. Some of these presentations will be virtual and others in-person but all will be held in the College & Career Center. Students are to report there at the beginning of the period and stay for the duration. If the presentation conflicts with your lunch period, students are allowed to eat during the presentation.


Industry: Skilled Trades
Thursday, 1/26 | 6th Period in CCC
To sign-up click on Events in Maia Learning, Actions --> Attend

  • This would be a good presentation for you to attend if you like to learn on the job, work with different people in a variety of locations while helping others. It is a specialized job that is always needed in our economy! The Local 130 Plumber Apprenticeship Application is open now until February 17th! Seniors in high school can apply and start learning & earning right after high school! Come hear from a veteran, industry professional more about these opportunities!
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CLC Apprenticeship Awareness Program, Earn $225

College of Lake County is hosting a Spring Break, Apprenticeship Awareness program on Zoom March 27 - 31 from 9:00 a.m. - Noon daily.

Students currently enrolled in Lake County high schools are eligible to register.

Space will be limited to 35 students. It will be a first-come, first-served acceptance process.

To apply students submit the fillable PDF forms linked below and email to

  • Note: a parent or guardian must sign the application and photo release forms if the student is under 18 years of age.

  • Registration deadline is March 9, 2023, or sooner if the sections are filled.

Local Job Board

Click on this button to learn about local job openings in Lake County!

Lake County Sheriff Explorer Post Program

This program is open to any 14 to 21-year-old interested in learning more about law enforcement careers. Students will help the community as well as learn about careers in law enforcement and learn foundational policing skills. For additional information see their website.

Virtual Career Fair

Click HERE to access and explore 170+ careers with videos and information. By participating, you will gain a better understanding of the variety of industries and positions. Some employers may also have possible internships, apprenticeships, job shadowing and/or employment opportunities for our students! For those of you who may not know what you want to do, there’s a career assessment included that will help you narrow down a career cluster to further research. At the end, please complete the exit survey to reflect and provide feedback so we can continue to assist you with your post-high school plans.

General Resources

Support Services are Available

WTHS has in-person Study Tables on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:20-3:00 p.m. in the Almond Campus Library for English, Math, Science and Social Studies. Students who need bus transportation home are able to take the shuttle from Almond to O'Plaine and take the O'Plaine busses home.

For a list of our WTHS academic tutors, please click HERE.

Maia Learning: Our College and Career Planning Tool

Maia Learning is a college and career readiness platform that engages students in planning their futures. It allow students to develop profiles, explore careers that fit those profiles, and build academic, college, and career plans. It helps them manage college applications, and build portfolios that will gain them admission. It helps counselors manage student progress, and keeps families involved in the process.

Click here for a brief tutorial on accessing Maia Learning or click here for a shared folder which houses several helpful video tutorials and resources on the college search and application process.

WTHS Post-Secondary Planning Guide

This comprehensive guide encompasses the entire post-secondary planning process. Key features include a four-year timeline, tips for the college search and application process, how to navigate financial aid and scholarships and more!

Sallie Mae Paying for College Resource

The Paying for College Resource delivers free, easy to understand information and resources, so your family is confident you have everything you need to figure out how to pay for school.

Wondering if your interested college has test-optional admissions?

To date, as published over 1,800 colleges and universities which are allowing Fall 2022 applicants to apply test-optional. Many institutions are stating students are at no disadvantage of applying test-optional. But it is good diligence on your part to verify the institution will still distribute merit, academic scholarships, be considered for direct-entry, competitive majors and Honors College consideration.
Videos from College Reps to Enhance Your College Search

The Chicago Area Regional Representatives organization compiled helpful videos for students to navigate through the college search and application process. Hear first-hand tips from college reps!

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