Tech -knowledge-y @TEPS

by Lianne Tolman

Issue No.1 January 1, 2015

Getting ready for the New Year

Happy New Year! Welcome to my new Tech-knowledge-y @TEPS newsletter. I hope to use this newsletter as a way of keeping everyone updated with the latest technology ideas, news, Web 2.0 tools and tips to support you in effectively using technology as a creation tool to transform student learning.
Use the SAMR model to help you plan digital learning experiences that use technology as a tool to engage students in higher order cognitive skills and reach levels of achievement previously unimagined! Watch the video below for a brief explanation and click on the title link above to go to Kathy Schrock's guide to everything SAMR.
SAMR Model: Explained

Beginning of the Year Housekeeping Tips

1. Smartboard Stuff

Before students return it is a good idea to do the following:

  • Turn on the laptop or computer that is connected to the smartboard and check that everything is working ok.
  • Clean your smartboard filter (watch video for instructions)
  • Make sure all speaker dials and switched off when not in use to extend life.
  • Turn off Projectors when not in use (do not leave them on during lunch time/recess/for the next teacher). This is shortening the life of your projector globe, and over time, the projector itself.
  • When projector is left on, and goes into stand-by mode (flashing green light on projector indicates stand-by mode), the fan is sucking up dust, the globe counter is ticking, wasting energy. This leads to having to clean the projector more than recommended (each fortnight).
    Sanyo PLC-XL50 Projector Filter Cleaning Guide

    2. EDMODO

    Click on the buttons below to learn more !


    A list of the latest software/subscriptions available @TEPS. Click on the links to learn more.

    KODABLE - We have a school subscription for 2015. Is available on both iPads and web. Curriculum guides available. You will receive an email from me shortly with your login details.

    SKOOLBO - We have a school subscription. Available on both iPad and computers. Logins remain the same. I will roll over student details for 2015 once classes are confirmed.

    Lanschool - Classroom management software (click on the link to watch the tutorials). Currently available to use on Stage 2 and 3 laptops and top computer lab. Will be adding to the library soon.

    NewsMaker - Let me know if you would like it added to your computer/s. This is a great program, but I was not able to get it added to our catalogue to do a mass push out, so will have to load onto computers one at a time via usb.

    Scratch - available on all school computers. Let me know if it is missing from yours.

    Kodu - Available on all school computers (PC only). Click on the link to access the classroom kit for educators.

    MinecrafteEdu - available in the 21st Century Classroom.

    Lego Mindstorms EV3 - software is loaded onto all school computers. Robotics available in 21st Century Classroom.

    Studyladder - We have a school account -



    Storybird Studio is digital storymaking that is free, simple and safe! Student privacy is protected. Social interactions are classroom-contained. Monitoring student activity and work is easy.


    Make images come alive with Thinglink by adding text, music videos etc. Easily embed thinglinks into edmodo. Teachers can sign up for free and create a class. Students do not require an email.


    Kahoot! is a game based classroom response system that works on any device or platform. Students do not need an account to "play"! Check it out.


    OK Go - This Too Shall Pass - Rube Goldberg Machine - Official Video

    Creativity at it's best!!

    I hope you have found this newsletter useful. Any suggestions or feedback are most welcome. Let me know if there is something you would like me to include etc.

    Enjoy the rest of your break!