Badlands Travel Brochure

By Sakina Ghafoor

About the Badlands

For 11,000 years the Native Americans used the badlands as sacred hunting grounds. But in the 19th century homesteaders moved to South Dakota. More and more started to come and they would take up the hunting grounds. Then in June of 1993 a huge backbone of a dinosaur was found protruding from the ground near a picnic area. Once too many people moved in they started to kill the Native Americans in the Wounded Knee Massacre.


You can hike the extensive trails-

Door Trail

Window Trail

Notch Trail

Castle Trail

Cliff Shelf

Fossil Exhibit Trail

You can also become a junior ranger by completing and turning the Junior Ranger activity books

There are also Astronomy Programs-

2015 Badlands Astronomy Festival

Night Sky Observing

There are lots of more activities that you can join in on at