INSIGHT Magazine - Summer Environmental Issue, June 2019

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Meet Our Editors

In this term, our editors have come together once again to help craft and display ICHK's different pieces about the environment and help raise awareness. Together we’ve composed an edition that helps talented writers in our school to shine and display their talent in writing.

Our editors:

Charlotte Cheung, Charmaine Pilard, Cherie Chan, Chloe Leung, Lucia Pareja Lopez.

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Letter From The Editors

Welcome to the fourth edition of ICHK’s student-published magazine.

This edition will focus on the environment, an alarming topic in society today. Pieces include an interview with the HK Shark Foundation CEO Andrea Richey, several pieces on Shark, plastic and Orangutan awareness, how our learning habits and lifestyle habits contribute to the environment, plus exciting creative writing and Children's Literature pieces, accompanied by an interview with children’s author, Rosanne Greenfield.

The focus has been turned towards the environment in this issue because it is something affecting us in the present, and will most definitely affect our future, the students of ICHK. Awareness has risen in the past years, from events like “School Strike for Climate Change,” to worldwide agreements like “The Paris Agreement.”

Hong Kong also plays a major part in causing many environmental problems, with traditional practices that include eating shark fin soup and trading ivory. The overwhelming population also leads to issues like land-reclamation, overflow of landfills and mindless usage of energy. We need to learn to be mindful about our choices and actions.

We have learned that if we don’t begin to take action, it would drastically change the earth’s fate and future, and we humans would lose everything we take for granted.

Thank you for reading our magazine and showing awareness of the environment. We hope that you’ll be back for future editions.

Shark Awareness

Interview with Andrea Richey, Education Officer of Hong Kong Shark Foundation - Deep Learning Group Project

The Deep Learning group, Creative Writing/Children’s Lit, has written a transcript of the interview they did with Andrea Richey, the Education Officer of the Hong Kong Shark Foundation. The group included some important information to raise more awareness.

Here is a short preview.

"For our Deep Learning Creative Writing/Children’s Lit unit, we have decided to focus our writing energies on the theme of environmental issues. We had the opportunity to speak with Andrea Richey, Education Officer of the Hong Kong Shark Foundation, and discussed the situation of the shark fin trade both here in Hong Kong and globally. Below is a transcript of our interview with her...

Shark Fin consumption in Asia is a major contributor to the devastating loss of the global shark population across the last few decades. The newly-released nature documentary, Our Planet, featuring David Attenborough, states that 90% of sharks have been lost in just the last 30 years. Aside from the tragic loss of a beautiful and iconic fish, sharks. Sharks have a massive impact on our environment as they are integral to regulating the ocean’s complex ecosystems. Therefore, we must work harder to save and conserve these majestic creatures."

We give our thanks to Andrea Richey for spending her extra time in helping us discover and learn more about Sharks in Hong Kong and the foundation itself.

Read the piece here.

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Shark Fin Awareness Short Story - India Gray

India Gray, 7.1, has written a short story based around the topic of shark fin awareness in Hong Kong. India deals on the topic that shark fin soup is a traditional dish at Chinese weddings especially in Hong Kong, and how they are in limited supply.

Read the piece here.

Creative Writing Deep Learning Team Investigate Shark Fin Sales in Sai Ying Pun - Erin Loges

Ms Loges, an English teacher, has written an investigation of Shark Fins Sales in Sai Ying Pun. Together with the Creative Writing/Children’s Lit Deep Learning group, she asked the workers of Shark Fins shops for information.

Read the piece here.

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Learning and the Environment

Art Meets Recycling - Charlotte Cheung and Lucia Pareja Lopez

Year 9 art students have recently created cardboard masks and portraits as part of their term 2 units. The masks and portraits display an idea of using cardboard, a material that is often thrown away, recycling it into something creative and imaginative. This idea of reusing materials to create an art piece is a fantastic and fun way to help save our planet earth and to help others become aware of how much we are damaging it. Charlotte and Lucia, 9.1 students, give a detailed insight into the process and experience of creating the cardboard pieces and the end results.

Read the piece here.

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Year 4 Adventure Day Writeup - Chloe Leung and Charmaine Pilard

Exploring the environment around us is always good and enjoyable for everyone, even for people as young as Year 4s. Read the article written by Chloe and Charmaine, students of 9.2, to find out more about their full experience bringing younger students out on the Nam Chung Country Trail as student leaders.

Read the piece here.

Orangutans Awareness

What is Palm Oil, and how does it affect Orangutans? - India Gray and Adrienne Chung

Palm oil is a product often used in everyday materials and food like toothpaste, shampoo, pizza, bread, and potato chips. What we do not realise is that by using palm oil, we destroy the homes and habitats of the now critically endangered orangutans. India, 7.1 and Adrienne, 7.3 have written a piece to raise awareness of this issue and offered tips and tricks on how we, as consumers can help solve the problem.

Read the piece here.

Plastic Awareness

Plastic Awareness Articles

Plastic has been around for quite a while and will be for even longer if we don’t do anything about it. This serious issue is extremely damaging to our beautiful planet. Cherie, a 9.1 student, has combined the information from plastic awareness posters that she and another 9.1 student, Charlotte, made in year 7 to create a new and more advanced piece to spread even more awareness.

Read the articles here.

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Lifestyle and the Environment

Formula E and the Environmental Revolution - Harry Merrett

Harry Merrett, a member of our staff, has written a feature article about Formula E, and how racing has become more environmentally friendly over the years. The piece also includes pieces of Formula E’s history, and how the racing works.

Here is a short preview.

"If you went down to Central around three months ago, you might have noticed a lot of frustrating closed roads and a massive amount of blue signage. Upon further inspection, you would have realised that the area around IFC and the Central Piers was, for a short time, being turned into a race track. Thing is, it wasn’t just for any old race. You see, Hong Kong was playing host to the fifth round of the 2019 ABB FIA Formula E Championship, the fastest-growing and most widely important motorsport series in the world."

Read the piece here.

Visit to Live Zero Bulk Foods, Sai Ying Pun - Erin Loges

Ms Loges has written a piece about the Creative Writing/Children’s Lit Deep Learning group visiting a zero waste shop in Sai Ying Pun. She briefly explains some of the products the shop has and the perishable food they provide. Images of the shop are also included.

Read the piece here.

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The Zen of Backup - Issac Cheung

Issac, 7.3, has written a piece on how important backup is when you are mountain biking, as anything could happen that would lead to your bike breaking down. Issac comments on his own experience and recommends several types of useful backup. The simple but useful tips he offers can help you have a much more enjoyable experience if you are stuck in similar situations.

Read the piece here.

Creative Writing

Sequel to 'The Abandoned House' - Sheza Khan

Sheza Khan, a brilliant imaginative creative writer, has written a sequel to one of her published stories featured in the magazine's first edition. The short horror story is written in the perspective of a girl and her thrilling adventures investigating a creepy and abandoned house.

Here is a short preview.

"I woke up, only to find out that I was in a room with machines around me. I was wearing a sky blue long gown. I turned my head only to feel a sharp pain in my neck. I saw curtains on both of my sides. Then I finally came to my senses, I was well alive and in a hospital room. However, there were questions surfing in my head like, ‘How did I survive?’ ‘What happened to the little girl?’ ‘Who found me?’ And so many more."

Read the piece here.

Alone - Katie Chan

Katie Chan has written a short story called, Alone. The story is about a girl named Julia, and what happened on her birthday.

Here is a short preview.

"On the border of Hong Kong stood an old, small house. In front, concrete spreads out in all different ways, on that lays white flowers after the death of the 3 people. Keep looking forward there's water slowly drifting getting pushed by the soft and gentle wind. The clouds and misty fogs hung over the hill covering the top of the mountains. Dogs barks echoed, thunder slowly rumbling. Suddenly a spark of light went pass, and the lonely girl in the house screamed...

Her vision blackout and flashed back to the day, to the day her mother and sister died leaving her alone, but no one knows what happened to his father…

On the day that was supposed to be happy and cheerful, something terrible happened. October 20th. Her birthday. Julia's birthday."

Read the piece here.

Children's Literature

Interview with children’s author, Rosanne Greenfield - Jon Rees

Mr Rees and his Deep Learning group were lucky enough to have the opportunity to speak with children’s author and former-journalist, Rosanne Greenfield-Thong. She offered some writing tips to them.

Here is a short introduction.

"During Deep Learning, we were lucky to have the opportunity to speak with children’s author and former-journalist, Rosanne Greenfield-Thong. Rosanne lived in Hong Kong for 18 years and often uses our city as a setting for her stories. She offered students some excellent tips on developing their writing, be it fiction, or nonfiction. You can find out how you can improve your writing through the following article..."

We thank Roseanne Greenfield for spending time out of her busy schedule to give us many useful writing types.

Read the interview here.

Baby Shark, a piece of Children's Literature - Charmaine Wong

Charmaine, 7.2, has begun to write a short story, named "Baby Shark", about the struggles of sharks and sea creatures in the ocean world. This story will feature in the next edition, with exciting illustrations to accompany it.

Here is a short preview.

"Bobby, Neela and Rose were at a sleepover with Crystal the turtle, talking about how the ocean is threatened. Crystal came in, looking frightened. “Friends, do you know that you guys are endangered?” she said. The sharks immediately gasped in surprise.

At midnight, the three adventurous baby sharks snuck out of their coral reef.

They planned to save the oceans with some clever tricks.

Crystal screamed in her dream, and woke in a shock. She screamed again, because the sharks were GONE!

The sharks were exploring in the sea. Suddenly, Bobby exclaimed “Look! Ropes and nets!” Neela and Rose followed him."