Snack time's favorite cookie !

Oreos have been around for quite some time

The oreo cookie was created by Nabisco. Made by the National Biscuit Company in New York City. The Oreo was originally called The Oreo Biscuit , the named was changed in 1948. The filling has changed over the years and the modern day Oreo filling was made by Nabisco's principal food scientist , Sam Parcello.Oreos are a delicious and tasty snack cookies for all ages. It is enjoyed all over the world by many different people.

Benefits of the Oreo Cookie

Oreos are a tasty snack for all ages, it tastes good and keeps the kids quiet. The Oreo cookie comes in differents and varities so you can have whatever cookie yu like. And you can always switch up your taste of Oreos. They also come in snack size so you can give them to little ones or have a less amount. They come in portable containers so you can take them to work for lunch or put them in your childs lunch box to give them a nice little treat at lunch time.
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