Crusader Times

February 2017

Words From Our Principal

Dear Parents and Students,

It is hard to believe than in a few weeks, it will be spring break. We have many activities planned for this semester which I'm sure our students will enjoy. I strongly encourage all students to make sure they are turning in their assignments and projects, studying for tests, and attending intervention sessions if needed. This year will be over before we know it, and it is important to be proactive with your academic work and not wait until the last minute. I wish all of you and your families an enjoyable upcoming spring break.

Eduardo Reyes, Ed.D.

Greater San Diego County Science Fair

We want to thank all of the students who moved onto and represented our school at our District Science Fair. You did a fantastic job representing BVM! Out of the 13 students who moved onto the District Science Fair, we had 8 students move onto the Greater San Diego County Science Fair.

We want to congratulate all of the students below for moving from the District Science Fair to the Greater San Diego County Science Fair! Best of luck Crusaders!

Sophia Epley - 1st Place Behavioral Science and Sweepstakes Winner

Elissa Cajes - 1st Place Environmental Science

Nicole Mac Gaffey - 1st Place Environemental Science

Maria Ysabel Delgado - 1st Place Animal Science

Diego Nunes - 1st Place Mathematical Science

Ethan Dome - 2nd place Physics and Astronomy

Orion Stephenson - 2nd Place Environmental Science

Jasmine Tabalon - 2nd Place Animal Science

Fall Sports Celebration

On the evening of Thursday, January 26, Bonita Vista Middle’s Co-Ed Flag Football, Boys Baseball, Cross Country, and Girls Softball (Fast Pitch) celebrated the end of another terrific season! Thank you athletes for all your hard work, dedication, and for making us proud!

Straight A, Perfect Attendance, and Rising Stars Celebrations

This past month we held celebrations for Straight A, Perfect Attendance, and Rising Star students. They got an opportunity to be recognized in front of their parents for all of their hard work this past semester. Keep up the amazing work Crusaders!

Knowledge Bowl Match

On Wednesday, February 15th our Knowledge Bowl Team competed against Southwest Middle and Hilltop Middle and won both meets! They defeated Southwest Middle 57 to 7 points and defeated Hilltop Middle 39 to 15 points. Our Knowledge Bowl Team is definitely working hard to bring home that championship trophy for a third year in a row. Congratulations on your two wins Crusaders!
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Museum of Making Music

On Wednesday, February 8th, a select group of students went on a fantastic field trip to the Museum of Making Music. The students got to learn about science, history and music in a hands-on, cross-curricular tour of the museum. Exhibits included a S.T.E.A.M. discussion about the science of sound through the construction of an electric guitar, a discussion about instrument innovation, a drum circle and finally a chance to play several different instruments, from electric drums, acoustic guitars and even a Theremin! Thank you to everyone who made this trip a success!

Sweethearts Dance

On February 9th, BVM held its Annual Sweetheart’s Dance in the Cafeteria. Congratulations to Eduardo Cisneros and Bella Maltoral for winning King and Queen! Also, congratulations to Noah Jugar and Monica Reyes for winning prince and princess.

Special Services Employee of the Month

In January 2017, our Special Services Department came out to Bonita Vista Middle to recognize one of our teachers, Amy Cruz, for her dedication to excellence to her students.

Bonita Vista Middle is home to Crusaders of many backgrounds. We have several self-contained special needs classes on our campus who, until recently, did not have access to the VAPA curriculum. Thanks to Amy Cruz, BVM now offers a co-teach class that focuses on general music instruction, movement and rhythm, and even some craft projects for our moderate special education students. Thanks Amy for all that you do for your students!

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Student Art Work

BVM art students excelled at creating "crayon resist" designs which were colored heavily with bright wax crayons first. Then, quickly painted over with black paint to create the "resist" bubbly effect to resemble old leaded gothic cathedral windows. Next unit on the horizon is our famous artists biographies research poster. Amazing how each unit the students keep getting better and better with craftsmanship and creativity!

Staff of the Month

We would like to congratulate our World Cultures/Dual Language Teacher and Site Curriculum Specialist, Luis Rodriguez, as our Staff Member of the Month! He continually is seeking ways on how to improve not only his classroom instruction, but that of his entire Professional Learning Community (PLC). Together with his PLC, he is constantly revamping his classroom lessons to ensure students are not only engaged, but also being challenged with rigorous curriculum. Luis is always willing to help out our school and you can be certain he will give 110% regardless of the task assigned. Thanks Luis for making a difference and having such a positive impact on your students!

Health Corner

National Heart Awareness Month Screening

February is National Heart Awareness month. There are many events which will be sponsored by the American Heart Association and other agencies, but I would like to bring to your attention one group which focuses specifically upon our youths ages 12-25. The group is the Eric Paredes Save a Life Foundation, and it specializes in youth screenings for cardiac abnormalities. Please take a look at the following information provided by the Eric Paredes Save a Life Foundation regarding this potentially life-saving screening:

Sudden Cardiac Arrest is a leading cause of death in youth under 25 and the #1 killer of student athletes, but heart screenings are not part of regular youth exams. The Eric Paredes Save A Life Foundation has provided nearly 22,000 free heart screenings for youth age 12 to 25, finding about 1 in 100 at risk from an undetected abnormality or risk factor. FREE Screen Your Teen events are held throughout the year, for more information and registration, visit

Screenings are offered by the Eric Paredes Save A Life Foundation, which has screened nearly 22,000 teens for heart abnormalities that put about 1 in 100 students at risk for Sudden Cardiac Arrest - a leading cause of death under 25, and the #1 killer of student athletes. Heart screenings are not a part of annual checkups or pre-participation sports physicals, even though most heart conditions have no warning signs or unrecognized symptoms -- which is why Eric's Foundation screens for free.

Simply register at and download a screening packet that you complete and bring to the event. Paperwork is available onsite if online registration is not possible. Screenings take less than an hour. Parents need not be present for youth who have a signed and completed screening packet.

Students wear t-shirt, sweat pants or sports shorts to the screening. Girls wear a sports bra. Please bring a self-addressed stamped envelope in which a copy of your child's ECG will be mailed back to you to add to their medical records.

If you have any questions, Please contact Sara Thompson at 619.550.2129.

Stay healthy,

Christi Stoddard, BSN, RN, PHN

Tel: 619-397-2206

Fax: 619-482-9356

Counselors Corner

Hello Crusaders! We, the counselors, are excited to see the progress of many students. As you already know, we call out students that are struggling so that we can help develop a plan to improve grades. Congratulations to the our Rising Stars and Perfect Attendance students! We awarded those students with medals and certificates for their great accomplishments in attendance and improvement in their classes. We also want to remind those of you that have qualified for California Junior Scholastic Federation (CJSF), please turn in the application form that was issued to you by your English teacher. If you are wondering why you did NOT qualify, please come to the counseling office. If you misplaced or never received a form, please come to the counseling office and we will give you a new one to fill out yourself. The first progress report of the semester has just come out, so counselors will be sending D and F letters home to parents. Parents be sure to check Jupiter grades to monitor your student’s progress. If you do not know how to sign in to Jupiter grades, feel free to call your counselor. We will help you with your login and password. Students, we have 12 weeks remaining until the end of the school year, and we have already started the 1st session of credit recovery. The next session will be after school and will start on March 6th. Counselors will be calling out students that need the credit recovery in order to meet the criteria to walk in the promotion ceremony. Finally, Spring Break will be our next break so be sure to have all assignments completed. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to visit our offices during nutrition break, lunch time, before or after school.


Writing research papers is a lot of hard work. Student who plagiarize (steal others ideas) have several of excuses for doing so, such as “I forgot to cite my sources” or “I needed to get a good grade”.

Did you know that not only do you need to cite books, but online resources such as photos, songs, charts, and videos as well?

The only time you don’t need to credit others is when the information is common knowledge, or something that everyone knows, such as: The White House is in Washington D. C.

The best way to avoid plagiarizing is to take good notes and write down your sources in a systematic way, including Author, Title, Date, Source, and page number.

When using a direct quotation remember to use quotes and cite the author, like this:

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” - Oscar Wilde

When paraphrasing, take the time to read, comprehend, synthesize and interpret material using your own words to express what you believe the author means. In this case you still need to acknowledge the original author or source using citation (This lets others know where the data came from). For example, when explaining the graph below, I might say: According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average price of gas per gallon in 2004 varied between $1.62 and $2.04, with June and October showing the highest prices over a 12 month period.

In addition to citation, one of the best ways to avoid plagiarism is to include a reference page or bibliography at the end of your paper. This can be done using an online tool such as EasyBib.

One thing I do when writing my papers is create the reference page right at the beginning, using a google document. Each time I read an article or use another media item, I add it to my list. It is so much easier than waiting until the paper is finished and going back to remember to do the reference page (especially if I have a lot of sources). Whatever works for you, stay organized and remember that your hard work and integrity is important now and throughout your school and work life.

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Technology Corner

As we get ready for state testing it is important to make sure your iPad is fully updated, so you don’t run into any technology problems. To make sure your iPad is ready, do the following:

1. Update to iOS 10.2.

-Go to Settings

-Tap Software Update

-If there is an update install it

-You may need to do this again before the test so check back regularly

2. Download the AIRSecureTest app from the App Store.

-Go to the App Store

-Tap Purchased

- Find the AIRSecureTest app

-Tap Free to install

3. Make sure all the right profiles are installed.

-Go the app called LANrev Apps

-Tap Profiles

- If there is anything there tap install or update

Once you have completed these three things your iPad should be ready for testing. If you have any problems ask your advisory teacher for a pass to the Genius Bar in room 606 for help or come any day to the library from 7am - 8am for assistance.

Important Dates

02/21 - Middle School Success 101 Meeting - Mental Health

02/22 - ELAC Meeting and Coffee with the Principal

02/23 - School Site Council Meeting and DLI Parent Night

02/25 - Saturday Scholars and Credit Recovery Science 7/8 and Math

03/01 Spring Pictures 7th Grade

03/02 - Spring Pictures 8th Grade, Tri-M Performance, and College Making it Happen

03/04 - Math Field Day and Saturday Scholars and Credit Recovery Science 7/8 and Math

03/08 - Knowledge Bowl Competition at Granger Junior High

03/13 - 8th Grade Panoramic Picture and School Culture Committee Meeting

03/16 - School Site Council Meeting