★(Zoo)Animal Rights☆

☆Zoos ~ to stay or not to stay★ By. Brooke

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The caged eagle becomes a metaphor for all forms of isolation, the ultimate in imprisonment. A zoo is prison. -Nadine Gordimer

★Table of Contents☆

1~ You Are There

2~ Introduction

3~ The Human Problem (?)

4~ Pros to Banning Zoos

5~ Cons to Banning Zoos

6~ The Surabaya Zoo in Indonesia

7~ Conclusion

8~ What do you Think?

☆You Are There★

Children and adults are sound asleep in there bed, not knowing what is headed there way. A strange sound rings throughout your room. You wake up. Nothing is there. You turn around, get comfortable, and fall back asleep. Little did you know that that strange sound was coming from outside. Outside your window. Glass shatters onto the floor, startling you once again. A man in black steps into your room carrying a sack in one hand, and a tranquilizer in the other. "Mom, dad?" You question softly. "MOM! DAD!" You scream right before the needle sinks into your flesh. Your parents frantically run to your room seeing nothing but shattered glass, and no kid.

You wake up the next morning in a strange environment. You're laying on a cold concrete floor with many others. You will never see your family again. You will never be the same again...

Life is life--whether in a cat, or dog or man. There is no difference there between a cat or a man. The idea of difference is a human conception for man's own advantage. - Sri Aurobindo

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Zoos are treating animals in an unexceptionable way. Animals are laying on cold concrete floor, bored out of there minds all day. A zoo is basically an animal prison, but the animals did nothing to be in it. If zoos will remain standing, they need to improve. A lot...

★The Human Problem (?)☆

Have you ever been to the zoo? Did you see the lions or tigers pacing around? That's not how a lion or tiger would act in real life. The zoo is supposed to be a place where we go see animals being themselves. They're not themselves. Pacing around everywhere isn't normal for a wild animal. Going to the zoo makes it seem like all those animals are lazy, coach potato's. Animals need to be able to live a normal life. Zoos need to make animals cages feel as much like home as it can be. Tigers aren't meant to be in cages, but if the cage has NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL, other than the fence around the cage, then I suppose it could work. "People's traditional expectation of zoos is that they see lions and tigers and elephants. But it's also their expectation that an animal has a good life.” –Ron Kagan, Detroit Zoo Director

☆Pros to Banning Zoos★

Zoos don't have the best treatment for animals. They have an improper diet, not enough room, and a habitat very little like the original. If zoos are going to remain standing, they need to improve a lot, and thats going to cost money. Speaking of money... A zoo called Woburn Safari Park admitted to killing monkeys because they were "too expensive to feed" and "too hard to take care of."

★Cons to Banning Zoos☆

Zoos have been a family tradition for years. Kids and adults can come and see exotic animals in person, and enjoy the sun. A zoo is the only place where people can see exotic animals from a safe view. Zoos are also a place where animals have little to do for themselves, like a luxury life of sitting on the coach while servants bring you food (wouldn't that be nice!). But now people want to take away zoos. The tradition needs to be continued!

(no it doesn't...)

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★The Surabaya Zoo in Indonesia☆

WARNING: If you are very sympathetic towards animals please don't read this next part...

"The Surabaya Zoo in Indonesia is called the Zoo of Death, and is a living nightmare for the animals there. It mistreats the animals so terribly, that they don’t even get basic care, nutrition, or proper living conditions. 25 animals die each month from unnatural causes, and most of the other animals are starving."

The picture of these poor tigers to the right and below this text, is one of the many animals that have starved to death at this zoo.

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The question is not, "Can they reason?" nor, "Can they talk?" but rather, "Can they suffer?" -Jeremy Bentham


Animals in Zoos aren't being treated like they should. A great example of that, is The Surabaya Zoo in Indonesia. You don't want that happening to animals, do you? If you feel sympathy for that poor tiger that starved to death, then help me get rid of zoos! I believe, I actually KNOW that that will be the best solution to saving animals. Instead of killing animals and holding them in "prison", lets knock zoos out of the park!

"If I had it my way... there wouldn't be a single lion or tiger in captivity anywhere in the world. They never take to it. They're never happy. They never settle down... You can see it in there eyes." -Hugh Lofting

What do you think?

Whats your opinion towards zoos? Are you for, or against zoos? Why? Email me your answers or any other questions you have towards my writing at byea4268@student.liberty.k12.mo.us
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