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June 17, 2018

Important Information for You!

The Last Five Days...

As we head into the last week of school, I want to thank each and every one of you for a fabulous year! As always, it seems to have went by very fast. As you finish up this last week, it is your last opportunity to make an impression on your students. When they get to the end of the year, will they be running for the doors or leaving a little reluctant? What will they remember about you and your classrooms, activities that you did? I hope that during these last five days, you engage your students in hands on activities that allow them to apply and explore using all the knowledge you have given them this past year. Have fun with them, but remember maintaining structure and expectations will help them have a positive ending to the school year. Here's to a great last week!

5D Evaluation Delivery

I began delivering a few evaluations last week and look forward to meeting with those of you I have not yet. I have some scheduled evaluation meetings, but as I shared earlier, on Tuesday, June 19th a floating sub will be in the building so that I can deliver as many as possible. Please have an activity ready that you can quickly give/explain to the sub when she arrives to your classroom. Year end evaluation meetings have been taking approximately 15-25 minutes.

Optimist Books

As Dena and I both shared in separate emails, we really need teacher help getting the $20,000 worth of books ready to get to teachers. All DK-2 classroom and special education teachers will be getting over 110 books for classroom independent reading libraries. However, before you can receive them, there is work to be done...checking in, sorting, stamping, etc.). Teachers from each grade level are being asked, regardless of curriculum committee, to help with their grade levels books. If you able to help Monday, June 18th, we will be working at Thomson after school. We are hoping it can be completed in a 2-3 hour period depending on how much help there is. This is not a job Dena and I can do alone, please consider helping.


I hope that you are all enjoying 'The Contest' as much as I did last week. Our staff meeting was awesome and I truly enjoyed your creativity, enthusiasm, and energy! I am hoping to continue these types of staff activities into next year. Again, thanks for helping to make it a great week.

End of Year Duties & Responsibilities-PLEASE READ

You have all received the End of Year Duties and Responsibilities list. I know that Megan Campbell sent out an email about updating IRIPs for the end of the year and documenting parent contact. Remember that parent contact on each IRIP is part of the law and documenting it is an important part of this especially given our students move on. Remember that:

  • Any and all copies of IRIPs MUST be placed in the CA-60
  • AND noted on the 'Special Help' card in the CA-60 as well. Since IRIPs are new this year
I totally forgot to add this to the End of Year Duties & Responsibilities list.

A note on closing your classrooms, remember that your classroom is a learning environment until the students have exited the building on the last day of school. While you may begin taking things down to send home, your classroom should continue to look like a classroom. Book shelves are not to be covered until after the last student has exited the building. Not only does this send the right message to the kids that school is school, it also let's parents know that we haven't 'checked out'. Thanks for your diligence these last few weeks!

Check Out-All Staff

As stated in the End of Year Responsibilities memo, for classroom and certified staff check-out will begin at approximately 2:00 p.m. and will end at 4:30 p.m. Since Friday, June 22nd is the official last day for certified staff, you must check-out on Friday. If we are ready before then, an announcement will be made. However, please do not hang out in the office or lounge with all your things. Also, you MUST have all items in order to check out...please go over the list and ensure you have everything ready before coming down.

Playground staff, please be sure to check-out prior to leaving on Tuesday, June 19th. You will need to turn in your staff id badge and your fob.

Parapros, please be sure to check out sometime Friday morning. You will need to turn in your staff id badge and fob to the office (Anna W) and all Title I paperwork to Megan prior to leaving Friday.

Again, I want to thank you all for a great year! I hope that you all have a safe, restful, and awesome summer. If not before, see you in August!

Quotes Worth Reading

"Teaching: You laugh, you cry, and your work harder than you ever thought you could. Somedays you're trying to change the world and somedays your're just trying to make it through the day. Your wallet is empty, your heart is full, and your mind is packed with memories of kids who have changed your life."


"Teachers (and all school staff) are solar powered. They recharge during the summer."


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Celebrations & Announcements

Birthdays: Happy Birthday to Kelly Woznek, June 10th...Happy Birthday to You!

End of Year Thomson Staff Luncheon, Friday, June 18th put on by the Thomson Social Committee.

Important Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, June 18th-Optimist Book Sorting...after school at Thomson.
  • Tuesday, June 19th-Rotating Substitute will be at Thomson for Evaluation/End of Year Meetings; Last Table of Honor
  • Wednesday, June 20th-1/2 Day for Students; 1/2 Day Records
  • Thursday, June 21st-1/2 Day for Students; 1/2 Day Records; End of Year Staff Luncheon, 12:15 p.m. Hahn
  • Friday, June 22nd-LAST DAY-1/2 Day for Students; 1/2 Day Records...check out will begin at 2:00 p.m, If we are ready to start early an announcement will be made.
  • Wednesday, June 27th-Building Closes to Staff at 4:30 p.m.