Not a Drop to Drink

By Mandy Mcginnis

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"Regret was for people who had nothing to defend, people who had no water."

- Mandy Mcginnis, Not a Drop to Drink.- Pg. 5


Lynn was raised to do one thing, survive. Her rifle is her closest companion and the only thing she truly trusts. But when a family from the city comes tumbling out into the wild on a desperate whim, everything she believes in will be tested. Should she help? Will she help? Who can she trust when all anyone wants is to quench their thirst, and from her pond. If these people become important to her, what lengths will she go to to protect them from the growing dangers not far from her sanctuary? Find out in Not A Drop to Drink.

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"In an understated but gripping debut, McGinnis offers up a tale of survival in a world where a scarcity of usable water has led to a brutal conflict for what remains."

- Publishers Weekly

"Mindy McGuinness' debut novel would hold our attention even if we didn't know that our planet's fresh water supply could indeed become endangered—even without a cinematic apocalypse"

-Barnes and Nobles

Lynn will do anything to survive, would you?