Ashley Aguilar


Aquamarine is a fiction book and is written by Alice Hoffman. I would recommend this book because it was my favorite book that I had read so far. I would recommend it to you because it has a little mystery in it and romance. Claire and Hailey are best friends and they always hang out. One day the pool was all dirty with sea animals in it and moss. Hailey dove in and when she came out she told Claire that she couldn’t believe what had passed by her eyes. She had seen a mermaid in the shallow deep corner of the pool. They kept on staring at her from above water to see what the mermaid would do. The mermaid finally came up to surface and told them in a mean way to stop staring at her and to leave her alone. Then after that she went into the water again and hasn’t come out since. The next day she came out but the girls were still there and Raymond a guy was on duty for work. The mermaid’s name was Aquamarine and she had fell in love with Raymond the second she saw him. Claire and Hailey had figured out that is Aquamarine stayed in the pool with chlorine water she will turn into dust because she needed to be in the ocean where there was salt water. She didn’t care when they told her she just was a brat and told them that they couldn’t boss her around. Also that she could do whatever she wants because she has freedom. The girls had an idea to bring Claire’s grandfather’s wheelchair so the mermaid can meet Raymond by pretending to be a human and hiding her tail under a blanket while sitting. When Raymond laid first eyes on her he fell deeply in love with her but couldn’t be with each other because she couldn’t live on land and he was going off to college. After they had met Hailey and Claire had to take her back to the water because she was turning into dust. They were having a party and a little boy was near the pool and fell but Aquamarine had gotten him and that is when Raymond had seen her tail. She was really weak so the girls carried her into the ocean running. She had gotten better when she was brought to the deep part of the ocean but then she said thank you and disappeared. Hailey and Claire had never seen her since. Until they saw Raymond and apologized to him for meeting her and her leaving. But he said that she had came back secretly over by the rocks. They had been seeing each other there. That was when they had seen her so in love and very happy.


Mermaid Spotted

When Hailey and Claire spotted Aquamarine in the dirty pool full with green moth they were puzzled. They did not know mermaids actually existed. Aquamarine came up and told them to stop staring at her. She told them to leave her alone. Aquamarine was a selfish brat who only cared ablutherself until everythingchanged. She had seen Raymond. Hailey and Claire helped her get out of the pool secretly. Claire borrowed her grandfather's wheelchair for no one to sight her tail. Aquamarine went ona couple of dates with Raymond. One day there was a good bye part because Claire was moving and this littlpe boy went nearthe pool. He started saying fish. He was at theedge and fell in but he did notdrownbecauseAquamarine rescued him. She had been in the pool the whole time. Raymond saw who she really was but he did not freak. Aquamarine had to leave because they were going toclean the pool and she could not be spotted by other humans or else her life would be in danger. They all had to say their good byes because she was running out of oxygen. Raymond took her to the ocean and she left. Hailey and Claire wondered how Raymond was handling all this about Aquamarine leaving. Hailey and Claire never saw her again until they found out Raymond and her were still seeing each other. That was the last time they saw that mermaid.
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Risk Taking

Aquamarine risked her life just to encounter with the love of her life Raymond. She met Raymond y being someone else and covering her tale. She covered her tale by sitting on a wheelchair and a blanket on top of her tale. She visited him a couple of times and he did not notice. But that ended when she was in the pool and saved a little kid from drowning. She revealed herself in front of Raymond. Good thing Raymond did not freak. He still loved her even though she was so ething else. True love is more powerful than anything. For example, a human and a mermaid dont go but love is between them.