Awesome Animals

By Miss. Taylor Riley Dash


"Charge"Did you know that bulls don't really not like the color red? They're color blind! I know that this might come as an electrical shock, all those cartoons lying to us! Want to know about the other secrets animals have been hiding? Keep reading!
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Indianapolis Zoo Orangutan

Watch the Orangutans!

You're an Animal!

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You're an Animal

Have you ever heard the expression you're an animal?Well what if I told you it was true? It is! Well have you ever thought about it?Mammals have..

-Fur or hair from the skin

-Femals produce milk

Sound fimilar? Your a mammal and mammals are animals. I wanted to see how many people knew this so I interviewed...

-Henry Johnson

-Renee Garrett

-Colin Wilson

-Logan Shoffner

Here is what they said...

"In your opinion do you think that we are mammals?'' I asked 4th grader Henry Johnson.

"Yes! Because I have hair on my head!" replied the student.

The second person I asked was Colin Wilson.

" Do you think humans are mammals or not?" I asked as Colin inquired what the answer would be.

"No! Because mammals adapt to to places, we build and create!'' Collin explained.

The next two people that I interviewed also had different perspectives.

Someone who agrees with Henry is Renee Garett.This is what she answered.

"Yes! Mammals don't lay eggs and neither do we!"Renee reasoned.

As an argument Logan Shoffner said"No!Because we have layers of skin because we are cold blooded!"

Who do you agree with? Here is what my classmates said...



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Meet the Orangutans!

Go to this website to meet the Indy Orangutans!

Brillant Boxers

Are you a dog expert? How much do you know about the fawn and bristled sleek coated wonders boxers? Well if you are thinking about adopting these little packages of further keep your eyes on this page.

There is a variety of colors of boxers here are a few..

-Fawn and Brindle


-Reddish Brown

What is your favorite?

Boxers have a long history, they date back about 100 years!Boxers started in Germany. For a while they would help heard livestock , they were also used as guard dogs. Later on they helped Germany in Word War 1(1914-1918). They carried messages and helped solders.

If you think you want a boxer you have to think about the responsibility. They love to play and love human attention.So if you are always busy Boxers are not for you!

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Magnificent Moray Eels

Are you mortally afraid of moray eels? Well they are probably more afraid of you than you are of them! They are not aggressive animals but mess with one and it will bite. The common of moray eels are...

-Snowflake Moray

-Zebra Moray

-Purple mouth Moray

-Green Moray

They have these names because of their patterns.

Have you ever eaten moray eel?The chef has to be very carful while preparing the eel because of what the eel eats. It could make you as sick as a dog eating chocolate!

Did you know that moray eels patterns can even be in their mouths?

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Love Animals

If you love animals and think they're cool treat them the way you want to be treated.This quote is a perspective of a dog who wants love,"I don't judge others.I don't hate. I don't discriminate. I don't hold grudges. I DO know how to love unconditionally and that's all I want in return.
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Don't stop here learn more about these amazing animals!