The Wonders Of Kosovo

The Country And It Flag

Prisrina,Kosovo is the capital of kosovo and the flag has a meaning

the meaning is that the kosovo flag has 6 star which is also telling it 6 ethic groups

albarian, serbs, turks, gorani ,roma and bosniaks


Kosovo is around serbia albania and macdonia and one of the major landforms are sar planima


there government is a repuplic goverment and are limited government


Kosovo economy is the poorest in eroupe around 7.319 billion dollars a year but they have different dollars then we do they have eruo's they also mine and build for money


The culture is kinda different then ours they celebrate the same holiday though, they celebrate new years like us but wear different clothing then us


The average climate for kosovo is around 9.5 temperature rains about 800 mm and they climate affect the citizen lives by how hot it is so there ain't that much water


In 1998 there was serbia had many massacres and many people have died and in 1999 the massacres ended

Compare and Contrast

The food is different we have hamburger, pizza, hotdog etc.

Kosovo has stuff like meat and flija

The Money is different we have US dollars

Kosovo has eruos

The House are the same material brick

Kosovo house are made of bricks too

The Clothing is the same women wear wedding dress at Kosovo so do we