UAE Cultures and Heritage

Done by Karthik , Faheem, Suraj, Mathew,Nirmal and Joel

UAE Culture

The United Arab Emirates is home to a rich cultural heritage.The largest tribe, the Bani Yas, roamed the vast sandy areas that cover almost all of the emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Other tribes, too, such as the Awamir and Manasir, shared this challenging environment for numerous generations.In Al Ain and other oases the luxuriant date gardens were watered by an efficient traditional irrigation system bringing water from aquifers in the mountains. About 76% of the total population o the UAE is Muslim.

UAE People Hobbies And Traditions

The UAE inhabitants play soccer, camel race, falconry and falcon hunting for leisure. Some of the traditions of the UAE inhabitants are fishing,boating,falconry,pearling,music and dance.In the evenings, around a fire in the desert, men would meet to talk and exchange news. It was also an occasion for story telling and for reciting poetry.In recent years, the UAE’s population has grown at an unprecedented rate and tourism and trade have flourished, resulting in a large demand for seafood. This has led to a substantial investment in a modern fishing fleet and an increase in boat numbers.The Arab dhow is one of the world’s most graceful sailing crafts and the Emirates were famous throughout history for the prowess of their sailors and the sleek lines of their vessels.To the people of the Emirates, pearling offered a major, if seasonal, form of employment.

Some of the tribes...

The United Arab Emirates is a diverse, cosmopolitan and multicultural society