Actions to do in an occupational accident.

1. If you have an occupational accident you should inform immediately to your boss.

2. You can inform to occupational safety dependence

3. The direct boss could be with the worker involved in the event all the time or could delegate this function to other boss only in special cases.

4. When the help arrives, you could call to a relative.

5. If you need to move to another place like a hospital, the ARL can coordinate your transfer

6. After the accident you could

7. After the accident you could fill the form of occupational accident or you can ask to occupational safety dependence that provides assistance to fill it.

8. When you have an occupational disability you can send an email with the supporting documents.

9. Is important that the worker involved in the event, can help in the investigation of the accident to implants improvements in the process.

10. In all your activities you should verify and report unsafe conditions.

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