The Good and the Bad of the USA

By: Nick Spillar

Solutions of the growing social classess

During the industrialization period of America, the middle class grew to a more forcible class. This gave the middle class much more power then they had before. An electoral reform was a necessity to balance the new structure. I am proud of this electoral reform, because it brought more order to the classes. This also kept the higher classes from having too much power. This kept system is still used today to even out the social classes.
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Industrial Revolution

During the American industrial revolution jobs increased drastically. The revolution allowed faster more effecient production. The revolution also caused all of our technologies to evolve. I am proud of The industrial revolution, because it raised our economy by causing faster and more effecient production. All of theses things put together brought an unprecedented sustained growth.
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Changes in Family Structure

During the industrialization pf america, new jobs only sprang up in certain areas where companies grew. This caused families to stop living in one area for generations. Instead the families moved to places with jobs so that they could make money to support their kids. the families spread out all over the country. i am ashamed of the fact that these people didn't stay with their families instead they flocked to the money.
Early Industrial Revolution / Change in Family Culture

Chinese Exclusion Act

The Chinese Exclusion act makes me proud and ashamed really. The act does have some pros that come along with it but it also brings cons with it. Where the act did cut down on the amount of immigrants coming into the US, it only excluded one race of people. We should have something like this today for certain countries, even if it is kind of prejudice.
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Old VS. New Immigrants

The first immigrants coming to the US were hard workers who new how to actually work. When these immigrants came in production and efficiency rose a lot. After the first wave of immigrants came through, however, a second wave came to America. This second wave of Americans that came through were much lazier. these workers filled the jobs that America needed but they didn't work very efficiently and lowered production.
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These new immigrants into the country kept there old cultures and languages. Where this does make a very culturally diverse area, it also makes it hard for the different people in this area to communicate and interact. Since it became so hard for Americans to communicate with the new immigrants, we decided to make them assimilate. This allowed us to be able to communicate and socialize with these immigrants. Some of the new immigrants, however, kept their old cultures, which is why America is so diverse now.
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As some cities grew bigger the government tried to keep everyone under control with federal laws. Some of these growing cities needed different laws for specific problems in their cities. Therefore they began creating their own laws called municipalities. These laws allowed the cities to control themselves under a higher government.
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While these cities were growing outwards they were slowly running out of space to grow outwards and also becoming harder to maintain. These cities still wanted to grow, however, so that they could make the money from all the extra businesses and people. These cities decided to grow upwards, this allowed them to be maintained easier with new infrastructures. these infrastructures allowed for one system that maintained all the resources in the cities. This made everything much easier.
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Mechanization completely changed America as a whole. It allowed for quicker production and more efficient manufacturing. These new machines used for production took the place of some of the less needed, lazy immigrants. This does have it's upside but like everything else it has plenty of downsides. These machines at any times could have a problem and short out or even explode, causing many injuries or deaths.
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Secret Ballots

This system for the first time allowed people to have private votes. These voters now being anonymous didn't have to worry about being threatened into voting for a specific person. This made votes so much more fair to everyone. Secret ballots are so good for this country and are still being used to this very day. I am proud that we found a way around certain groups of people from swaying the voters.
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Graduated Income Tax or 16th Amendment

This amendment was a big part of what we call progressivism. Progressivism really changed what the political system to closely resemble what we have today. This amendment changed taxes forever. It made it easy for the lower classes to live by them paying less, while the higher classes pay more based on their financial state. I am proud of this, because it made it easier to live for the people of this time.
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Social Problems

This category really includes a lot of problems. I put them all in one, because I am ashamed of all of them. There are many things such as segregation, gender inequality, and poverty that are included in this wide category. These social problems caused many out-bursts in society like the women's suffrage movement, and new forms of taxes.
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Monroe Doctrine

Finally, when America reached imperialism, the government started making decisions about war. After a few attacks by Europe on American soil, or ships, the government, lead by Monroe at the time, decreed that if European attacks in North or South America continued that America would join the fight against Europe. I am proud that our government at that time could make choices for the good of our country, unlike our government today.
The Monroe Doctrine 1823

Dollar Diplomacy

Another act that helped the economy of America during imperialism. This act, however, focused the US's aim in Latin America and East Asia through the use of it's economic power. This was done by guaranteeing loans made to other foreign countries. This made plenty of money for the US. I am proud of this diplomacy, because it made the US more focused on trying to fix it's economy.
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Moral Diplomacy

Finally, the diplomacy that changed the cultural and social aspects of America. I am very ashamed of this diplomacy because it basically stated that the US was looking at you based on your religion. The US was making their choices based off your religion. If you did no have the same beliefs as America, then you didn't get an ounce of help. However, if you had the same beliefs as America and were looking for the same thing, then we would help you however you wanted.
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Secret Diplomacy

I am proud of this very important movement. This movement completely abolished the ability of countries to have secret alliances. If you wanted to make an alliance with a country it had to be known by the other countries. If you even wanted to make certain rules or agreements with other countries you had to tell the other countries of the world. Just in case these other countries wanted a part of this deal.
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Economic Rivalries

This is one of the major causes of WWI. These economic rivalries were mainly between Germany and Britain over traded goods. These rivalries kept growing and growing until they caused he war. It began with merchant ship threats all the way to direct threats of stealing the funds from the opposing countries. I am very ashamed that 2 countries could start a war based on there greed.
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Battle Of Argon Forest

This battle wasn't a very big or important war, but It is important to me. The reason for this is, I am so proud that one person can risk their life to save others. At this battle Alvin York received his medal of honor for his valiancy in this battle. York survived running through a field of raining machine gun fire to take out more than 1 machine gun nest.