The HOTTEST Perfume Of The Season

It's the frangrance you'll never forget

The definition of Daisy: to be captured by the smell of vintage

Daisy is a floral fragrance with a slight edge of vintage

Sophisticated, with a touch of whimsy.

The smell of enchanted love- but not too overpowering.

It's like a sparkling floral bouquet, fresh and light.

The scent of Daisy is new and calm. Marc Jacobs has created an invention for the whole world to grasp upon. A play on your mind with a scent never to forget. Daisy captivates people with the freshness of a strawberry scent, which blooms with a vintage edge of velvety violet petals. This charming twists enhances the finishing blend of gardenia and jasmine. Daisy is the only perfume which captures the complete sensation of fruit; divine elegance and the perfect blend of violet and strawberry. Prepare to be amazed as we bring you; Daisy.

It is a perfect gift for the perfect girl. With this scent you will intoxicate the man of your dreams. No girl is complete with the smell of Daisy. Don't think, just feel. Embrace the smell of Daisy. Jacobs has sold more than a million Daisy bottles world wide, so why wouldn't you buy it?

Marc Jacobs created the new must-have scent in Hollywood. Why wouldn't you want it?

Girls and women around the world were captured by Lola, Honey and Dot. Make sure you tap into his newest smell.

Some positive reviews for the magnificent product:

'This is really different than any of my other perfumes, and I have probably at least 50 bottles. I wanted it because it's so fresh and sparkling. I guess it's a floral, but it's not an in your face floral. I think this is fine all year round, but I bet it's great in summer. I can't wait to find out. My husband got this for me on our anniversary. Both are keepers.' By Lucy Momme on 2/24/2014

'I was immersed in the scent of Daisy. I was instantly captured by the design of the bottle, pretty enough for every girl to enjoy! The scent was heavenly, I wear it every day and bought multiple bottles so I will never loose this wonderful fragrance'. Sienna Hayes.