The Lowell Girl

Anna Welchester

All about Anna Welchester!

Hello, everyone. We are here today with Anna Welchester. So Anna, what is your job that you do?

"My job is to work at the loom mill." Wow that must be a hard job am I right?

" Well, yes. Us lowell girls have to tie our hair back so it didn't get caught in the machines. The room we worked in was very hot and stuffy, we had to shout above the machines because the machines were so noisy, and sometimes when we would straighten the looms, and it would cut our hands. So yes, it was a hard and dangerous job." Wow. You must be very brave. Now, When and where did you work?

" I worked in the 1800s and I worked in Massachusets." Next, why did you work at the loom mill if it was so dangerous?

" I had to provide money for my family and myself"

Lastly, how did working at the loom mill provide for the community?

" It provided clothes for the community. Ok well sadly that was the last question of our interview but thank Anna, for visiting us and teaching us about you.

" You are very welcome."

Interesting Facts about Industrial Revolution

Facts about Industrial Revolution

Today I am here with some facts for you about Industrial Revolution. Industrial Revolution was caused by people trying to find ways to increase production of goods and food. Another interesting fact is that the Industrial Revolution lasted for about 164 years. The last fact I have for you is Industrial Revolution started in the UK. Then it spread to western Europe, North America and around the world.