May 6th


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You are invited...WEDNESDAY, MAY 11th SHOEMAKER OPEN HOUSE....Please come see our Garden of Learning 6:00-7:30 p.m.! Don't miss this very special night!


MAY 11TH OPEN HOUSE 6:00-7:30










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We will finished time.
We started digging for Dinosaur facts.

We read If the Dinosaurs Came Back.

We finished Open House Projects.

We started a unit on TIME and MEASUREMENT.

Mrs. Arnold had a Science Committee Meeting on Thursday.

We had a Mustang Meeting.


Next week...
It's time for OPEN HOUSE!
We keep digging for Dinosaur facts.

We will have DINOSAUR AND ROCK centers

We will finish Open House Projects.

We will begin a unit on MEASUREMENT.

We will have an assembly.

Our Caterpillars are in Chrysalis form...when will the butterflies come out???

Spellling List

home, hope, rope, rode, rose, those, hole, note, bone, cone
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Plant Seeds of Kindness... LEMONADE STAND

Our first grade class and Miss Kling's fourth grade class made posters for the Lemonade stand...parents and students from each class volunteered to watch the stand. We made $616.16 in 4 days. All proceeds will go to Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation. Thank you to everyone for your help and donations with the stand. Thank you!!!!!
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On Thursday, June 9th ROOM 12 invites you to a BOOK BRUNCH from 8:45-9:45 .... students will be sharing books they have created for you. We will watch our special school year video. We will send home all the projects we made this year.

MARK YOU CALENDARS! If you can't be there please send a grandparent.

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Please join us on Thursday, June 9th for our FIRST GRADE MUSICAL...PLANT SEEDS OF KINDNESS AND LEARNING". We will Perform 2 times at 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. and your can pick either performance. Invite will be sent home soon.
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Thanks to Mrs. Dager and Mrs. Rosati for volunteering to chaperone.

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Genius Hour

Genius Hour and Passion projects are a BIG HIT! Our class created Rain Forest Reports. We are making presentation boards and we will be sharing our presentations with you soon!!!


Welcome to our Student Teacher.

Welcome to... Mrs. Patty Tantum! Mrs. Tatum enjoyed her first week and has been a hug help managing all our centers and projects!!!


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On Wednesday, May 11th 6:00-7:30 the first graders will share all the have done throughout the year at our SHOEMAKER OPEN HOUSE.


On Thursday, June 9th the first graders will perform a First Grade Musical for parents and school friends.


On THURSDAY, June 9th Mrs. Arnold's Class will also have a Book Brunch where students will share books they have made and we will watch our end of the year school video.

Look for invites in the future.



Spring is in the air! As we prepare for spring we are not only planting seeds of kindness but planting seeds of learning. We will be busy doing many hands on STEM related projects including planting and observing seeds, planting our school yard garden, learning about animals, especially backyard animals, rainforest animals, going to the zoo, learning about rocks, fossils and dinosaurs and learning about Earth Day.

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Plant Seeds of Learning...Our Butterflies and TREES ARRIVED


In April, we will be raising caterpillars and watching how they transform into butterflies. We will be bringing home trees to plant in honor of Arbor and Earth Day. Please plant them and water them often until they take root.

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Earth Day Centers

On April 22nd we celebrated Earth Day by planting our schoolyard garden and engaging in hands on centers featuring worms, soil and plant activities. Look at pictures!
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First Grades Rock Kindness

On April 29th we Rock 'n Rolled, practiced kindness and learned about rocks. We will be dancing under black lights. Students decorated t-shirts for our Kindness Rock's Day!!! We danced and had a great time with the black lights!
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DINOSAUR DAYS...Help I need volunteers!

On May 13th we will celebrate our dinosaur unit with a Dinosaur Day featuring fossil, dinosaur and rock activities. We will need volunteers for this special day.
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Talent Show

The Shoemaker talent scouts are searching for talented students to perform in our annual talent show! The talent show is open to students in all grades. Later in the spring, each grade level will produce its own talent show for the students in that particular grade. From these grade level talent shows, select acts will be chosen to perform at an all-school assembly at the end of the year. Ask me for a sign up sheet or print off Shoemaker website.

Guidelines for the talent shows are: acts must be no more than 2 minutes in length. Please keep in mind that all songs must be appropriate for a K-5 audience, so please monitor lyrics. Ideas for acceptable acts include: singing, dancing, playing an instrument, performing a skit, telling jokes, and performing magic tricks. Martial arts acts are not permitted. Acts may have more than one student, but all students in the act must be in the same grade. Students may only audition for one act. Acts must be well rehearsed, and students must be prepared with sheet music, CDs/iPods, and props on audition day. If your child wishes to perform an act, please fill out the form (emailed) (please attach lyrics to songs!) and have your child return it to school by the deadline.

First Grade Talent Show is June 3rd

School Talent Show June 10th

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Keep studying those spelling words each week to prepare for weekly check ups and to learn word patterns.

Click on link below to access SPELL CITY:

Reinforce and practice spelling words by weekly lists on Spell City. Start with the bottom list of words and work up.

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We are up and kicking it with math facts.... we took our first test and now students will move through levels at their own pace . Students will have 2 minutes to complete 30 math problems. Students need to pass 25 + to move onto the next level. Students must pass 4 levels to earn a belt except for the white belt. Over the next few months, we will continue to test addition, subtraction and mixed facts to see how students progress… Look for updates on Homework Helper.
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Xtra Math

We are using a program called XtraMath to increase speed and accuracy in arithmetic. Each student is invited to spend a few minutes each day practicing math on a computer, tablet, or phone. If you would like to do XtraMath on a tablet or smartphone, look for XtraMath in the app store. The app costs $5. On a laptop or desktop computer, he/she can do XtraMath for free at

How to Practice with your child...

Practice Sheets-When your child comes home with a practice sheet, have him/her erase any work from earlier that day. Then have him/her read each fact (not just the answer) aloud along with the answer. If you hear either the slightest hesitation or you child makes an error, give them extra practice by immediately giving your child the answer and asking him/her to repeat the problem and the answer again. Your child should then back up three problems and begin again. If there is no hesitation or mistake, be sure to praise your child. If you would like to have them practice writing the answers, wait at least an hour or try again in the morning. When working on memorizing facts, two short sessions with time in between is much more helpful than one very long session.

Flash Cards–When using flash cards with your child, use only 12 flash cards at a time (9 cards should be cards with facts that your child has already mastered. Brain research states that it is better to learn a small amount of new material mixed with a larger amount of mastered material. Cards are numbered at the bottom to let you know what order to switch new cards in. Start with the original 12. When your child is able to answer all 12 correctly in a cold read (the first time you practice), switch out #s 1-3 for #s 13-15. You will repeat this process each time switching out the oldest cards for newer ones as your child masters new facts. Do not rush to swap out cards, make sure your child has really mastered the facts. The old cards will go into a review deck which should be used every 4thtime you practice.

Spend about 2 to 3 minutes running through the cards. Your child should read each fact (not just the answer) aloud along with the answer. If you hear either the slightest hesitation or your child makes an error, give them extra practice by immediately giving your child the answer and asking him/her to repeat the problem and the answer again. Have your child repeat the fact and answer three more times. Put the card back three cards from the front so that your child has an opportunity to practice it again.

Math Fact Automaticity

What is Automaticity With Math Facts?

When students first begin learning math facts, they learn them to the level of accuracy –they are able to solve the problems correctly, if they take their time and concentrate. As they continue practicing, they develop fluency –the ability to solve problems quickly without making mistakes. The final stage is automaticity –students are able to solve problems quickly without errors and without much conscious attention. A student who has automaticity with math facts is able to perform other tasks at the same time (problem solving, multi-step problems, etc.). Students who have automaticity in decoding are able to read flashcards of the word without even thinking about it. Likewise, a student who has automaticity with math facts can’t help but to say the answer when they see the math fact.

Students who lack automaticity with math facts often complete higher leveled math problems riddled with tiny computation errors. These errors stem from not knowing their math facts to the level of automaticity. The student can either focus on the steps of the math problem, or focus on solving the math fact correctly, but they can’t do both. Helping students learn math facts to automaticity will improve their ability to learn and retain higher order math skills because they won’t be distracted with remembering their math facts.

How this program works: Rather than the usual sequence of learning math facts by factor (all the ones, fives, nines, etc.), this program introduces 2 new facts (and their reverses) per sheet so that students do not have too many to learn at a time. Students often fail to learn their facts because they are asked to learn too much at one time. When facts are introduced too quickly, students begin to confuse what they have already learned with newly introduced facts.

In addition, some of the more difficult facts are introduced midway through the sequence rather than at the end so that students have more time to work with them. Research seems to indicate that students often have more difficulty with these facts because they don’t have as much time to work with them, and they are learned late in the sequence when students have more facts they are trying to keep track of.

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Click the links below for resources for to help at home.

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