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shale brandt shaker design is convenient for installment

The operation principle of the shale shaker is that it depends on the heavy punch installed in the motor shaft to create a rotary motion that separately towards horizontal, vertical and oblique directions. In this way, the motion can be passed to the screen. If the phase angle of the heavy punch is changed, the directions that the materials move can be altered as well. Well, derrick shaker is one of the popular shale shaker among consumers. We offer you derrick shaker at your service.

According to the screening theory, it can be divided into roll screens and planar moving screens, which can be further divided according to their tracks of planar motions. And the shale shaker we mentioned is one kind of planar moving screen.

The product of shale shaker can be widely used in all kinds of fields. In the chemical engineering, it can be used as separating materials as resins, coating, pigment, rubber, activated carbon, cosolvent, anhysrous sodium sulphate, polyethylene and quartz sand. In the field of metallurgy, it can be used for lead powder, zenc oxide, titanium oxide, foundry sand, aluminite powder, iron powder and so on. And in the disposing of public waste, it can deal with waste water, waste oil and fecaluria. And in the heavy industry, the shale shaker is used for primarily separating the drilling fluid from large solids. We provide you desander for your disposal.

The advantages of the shale shaker can be concluded as followings.

The first is that it employs eccentric pieces to excite force, which has a great effect. The second is that the beam and the straining tank are fixed by high-strength bolts, with a simple structure, which is easy for installment and repair. The third is the coupling is made by tyre, whose flexible connection enables a smoothing operation. The fourth is it adoption of small amplitude, high frequency and structure of large dip angle, making the shale shaker can operate under a high screening efficiency, the most disposing rate, long operation life and low noises. And the shale shaker can be used under a successive time, whole sealing while no spilling. Find more infomation about centrifugal pump , contact us.

The shale brandt shaker design is convenient for installment, and can be operated by only one person. And it also shows its good performance on its large-size screen area and high efficiency. The screen is easy for replacement and can be replaces by different kinds of screens that are made of different materials.

The shale shaker should be examined in regular. In daily use, workers should check the hold-down gear and fasten it if loosened. The sealing strip should also be paid attention to regularly, a worn or defective strip should be replaced row away. If the feedstock become less crowded, crashed may happen and it will result to fracture of the equipment. Even though the shale shaker doesn’t lubricating oil, but it is necessary to change the scaleboard every year. The last not the least, the daily maintenance includes the surface of the derrick shaker, which should be cleaned in a regular time. If the surface is naked, industrial Vaseline should used to avoid rusting. We offer you desilter at your service.