pearl harbor

I lived in pearl city which jutted out into pearl harbor, parallel to ford island where the naval air station was based. There was naval ships tied to east and west sides of bay at ford island. An explosion rattled our windows and we went out side to see what happened. out side was a string of air planes in a shallow dive towards the navy fleet. I could see anti red tracing shells flying up towards the leading air craft. on the side of one of the planes I could see the rising sun which identified them as Japanese. my wife and her friends who lived near by went up the mountain to hide in the cave while I caught a boat to ford island. There was black smoke rising up from the east of ford islands and navy ships were turned over and sunk. I saw few very brave navy workers cutting holes in the bottom of ships and pulling out its crew. One guy was covered in oil, I thought I recognized him. We when to school together, he was lost later in the war.