my greatgrandfather

By: Shi YangSun ( Simon )

my great grand father's life

a little bit about my great grand father

My great grandfather’s name is窦荣章(dou rong zhang) he was born in 1920 as you will see in the time line that I did. he is a very brave man do he join the army when he was only fifteen years old and then become a captain when he was twenty . (Which means he was working really hard in the army to be captain so quickly)

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my family

amazing stuff

my great grand father is the only the only one who is still alive in the last section of my family tree !
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there is my family tree and it has most of my family members some of them died but a lot of them are still alive . some of they're names aren't remembered .(for some reasons )
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artillery where my great grand father used to work

my great grand father was the captain of artillery in the army .