Gordon Hay (1967)

Famous Case Study

Brooke Waller & Cami Thongrivong

Crime: Dental

- On August 6th, 1967 city known as Biggar, Scotland 15 year old Linda Peacock was reported missing after meeting with some girlfriends. Shortly after her disappearance, she was found strangled and beaten in the local cemetery of St. Mary's Church. Her blouse and bra in dismay and an unusual bruise on her right breast; the bruise was a bite mark.

Murder Details

- Forensics found that Linda had been bashed on the head then strangled from behind.

- Linda's fingernails were broken and bloody showing she had struggled and fought.

Gordon Hay Trial

- Classification: homicide

- Characteristics: Juvenile (17) - Teethmarks, the first person to be convicted by forensic dentistry in the United Kingdom

- Date of Murder: August 6, 1967

- Number of Victims: One

- Method of Murder: Strangulation

- Location: Biggar, Scotland, UK

- Status: Sentenced to be detained during Her Majesty's Pleasure in 1968