"STOP Cyber Bullying"

Just don't bully

What is cyber-bullying?

cyber bulling is a type of bullying that happens online, where everyone could see. It is laws to protect us from Cyber bullying. If someone post a mean joke about someone they are Cyber bulling
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Examples of cyber bulling

  • someone takes a picture of someone and post it and make fun of it online public
  • commenting under someone picture and say mean jokes and hurtful words
  • texting someone with mean jokes and vulgar words.
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differences between bullying and cyber bullying

  • bullying is face to face saying mean word aloud
  • cyber bulling is done with text or comments
  • bullying can be physically done .

Effects of cyber bullying

  • skipping school
  • health problems
  • suicidal thoughts
  • lower self-esteem
  • start doing drugs

prevention and awarenees

  • parents can monitor their children more.
  • block certain sites online
  • watch how much time spent online
  • check their phone from time to time
  • don't give their children to much space
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establishing rules

  • kids need to watch how much information they put online
  • we need to watch who we hang out with and add online
  • make sure your account is private.
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reporting a cyberbully

  • first you should report the bully
  • second you shouldn't respond to them
  • and finally you should block the bully
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Report to you online service provider

  • visit social media center
  • report the bully to the social media service
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