By Eric


The middle of the hurracane is called the eye. If there is a hurricane by you shoud seek shelter. When the storm is over stay away from powerlines you shoud stay away from water, and tall metel obgects. The hurracane trys to go in a strat line but the rowtiashun of the earth makes it go in a crcel. A hurracane forms over the wormest part in the sea. They can cause lots of damage. It can rip a house like it was nothing. The hurricane forms over the warmest part of the oacan the are trys to fill in it but it gits biger then the proses keeps going and going and going. A lot of hurracanes happen Texes.


For safty you shoud pack food and games before it happens remember to make a safty plan so you can be safe. For your pets you shoud make a safety plan for your pets so they can be safe to. You shoud pack Penutbuderjely sandwich and some safety itmes.

remember safety is importent.

Names of Hurracanes

Hurracane Sandy was in New York and it was one of the worst hurracane that ever

happened for a long time. Hurracane Kutrena did a lot of damage some houses were even tiped over lot's of pepele were hurt. some names of hurracanes are Alice, Bob.

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