Back to School 2016

Not long now

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Coming to school early (dates 18/1-22/1)

I hope your holidays have been great. Staff are most welcome to come into school when Pete (GA) and Mick (cleaner) are on site.

They will be available from Monday to Friday next week from 8 am until 1pm. If possible please go to school in pairs as this ensures we are all working safely.

I will be at school Thursday and Friday morning but you are welcome to come in whenever it suits you.

Can everyone please just let me know of your intentions by text or email.


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Roles and Responsibilities for 2016

Could everyone please take some time to consider the ways in which we all contribute to the success of our great school. With over 450 students and 50 + staff we rely heavily on everyone taking on additional roles for the greater good of us all.

On our Staff Development Day we will discuss these roles. If you are interested in any of the leadership of any forums could you send me an email prior.

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Staffing Overview

Hooray!.... we have not had any staffing changes over the holidays but here is a recap of the new staff you will see around the school.

Please give them the BAPS welcome as I know you will.

Rebecca Nesbitt Librarian

Luke Davila Stage 3

Lauren Stevenson Stage 1

Allyse Cresta K-2 Interventionalist

Natasha Stanford AP K

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We have a new addition to the BAPS Family

Kelly Sadi welcomed a new baby girl Stella into the world in the holidays. We cant wait to see the photos on Kelly's return.

Why do we do it?

Star Fish Story - Making a Difference Every Day
I often get asked by my non teaching friends how we do what we do considering the challenges in teaching in 2016.

The starfish video illustrates a story told to me by a long time teacher I have great admiration for.

I always think if it when someone says to me you are not going to make a difference.

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Please continue to enjoy your holidays and do what you do to relax. Please only come to school if you feel you need to. These days a large amount of your preparation can be done from home.

I look forward to hearing your holiday stories.

Take care

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