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BJHS Weekly Newsletter for October 2-8, 2017


October 2 - Boys' Basketball Tryouts - Gym - 7th 5:30-7:00pm/8th 7-8:30pm

October 3 & 4 - Boys' Basketball Tryouts - Gym - 7th 3-4:30pm/8th 4:30-6pm

October 4 – Magazine/cookie dough turn in day #1 - MPR - 8:00am

October 6 – Gold Nugget Store Open - in front of 406A - both lunches


Dear Parents,

Students' physical and emotional safety is our number one priority at Bidwell. Kids can't learn if they don't feel safe.

Before school, we have four campus supervisors and two administrators supervising students as they arrive. Our day custodian, who is great with kids, is also out and about keeping a watchful eye on our kiddos. We have teachers walking the halls getting ready for their day and welcoming students. It's difficult to take 20 steps and not find yourself in proximity to another adult.

At lunch, we have five campus supervisors, two administrators, and an intervention specialist supervising students in addition to our custodian and several teachers who simply enjoy mingling with the students at lunch.

After school, we have the same lunchtime lineup posted up strategically to help ensure students get off campus safely.

As you can see from our first "Bidwell Minute" video montage below, Bidwell is a safe place to have fun and work hard. If your student is feeling emotional or physically unsafe please let me know right away. We've been able to nip several problems in the bud thanks to timely communication from parents and students.

It is such an honor to be entrusted with the care of your precious children every day. Whatever you're doing at home, keep it up! :)


David McKay
Bidwell Junior High School
Chico Unified School District
(530) 521-9228
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Tutorial is a free service offered by CAVE to assist the Chico Unified School District students grades 1-12 with homework and study skills. They have 33 awesome tutors waiting to be paired up with a child to provide one-on-one attention and academic support. Tutorial is held every Tuesday and Thursday from 5-6:30pm in the CAVE office (BMU 309) on CSU Chico’s campus. The program began earlier this week and will continue to run until November 30th. They want to encourage students of all grades who need extra help in any subject to come to Tutorial. If you have any questions regarding this great progam, please call (530) 898-5817.


If you haven’t already picked up your STUDENT ID CARD, head over to room 406A during lunch and get it!
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Join the newest Bidwell community Facebook group, Bidwell Junior High Parents. This group is ran by parents, for parents, and is a good way to communicate with other Pioneer families. Click here to learn more!


Congratulations to the following Gold Nugget Raffle Winners!

Bonnie Garcia, TJ Sammell, Noah Thomas, Crystal Bui, Grant McGuirre, Raul Placencia, Gibson Indar, Ava Bomann, Ryan Clink, Alex Ewing, Traci Stover, and Areyona Culver

You can pick up your winnings in room 406A. There’s still a few RAFFLE WINNERS that haven’t picked up their $5 gift card!

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Postcard Booklets for Magazine/Cookie Dough sale can be turned in at the table set up at lunch. Make sure you have AT LEAST 7 addresses. Students that turn in their booklet, TUESDAY ONLY, will receive a Glow-In-The-Dark sticky pad, an LED rooster Coop and be entered into the drawing for 50 dollars CASH! Drawing will take place during 5th period and the winner can pick up their money after school in the Main Office.
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Students have 2 more weeks to make their AR goal!

Track your progress, sign up to receive e-mail updates, and access your AR bookshelf at Renaissance Home Connect ( Don't forget to look up your book levels and point values at AR Book Find ( ).

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Your feedback is needed to help Bidwell "Strive for Excellence." Click here to take the survey!

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IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN RUNNING FOR AN OFFICER POSITION FOR CJSF come into the Counseling Office for a flyer about officer duties. Be prepared to give a brief statement about your candidacy to our membership at our Wednesday, October 4th club meeting!

IF YOU APPLIED FOR CJSF and did not get a notice from the advisors, this means you got in! See you at our meeting tomorrow at 8:30 in the library. Come by the Counseling office for a Google Classroom Code to get our CJSF announcements.


· Application Deadline is October 2nd.

· Applications MUST be filled out each school year even if there has NOT been a change in income.

· Applications need to be submitted to the Nutrition Office by Sept. 20th to avoid the possibility of a lapse in benefits.

· If you qualify for reduced meals they are now FREE!!

The current application can be downloaded here. Please submit current applications to Nutrition Services, 2455 Carmichael Drive, Chico, CA 95928. After submission, please expect 3-10 business days for processing and receipt of Notification of Benefits letter. For assistance, please call 530-891-3021 x203.

Also, please remember, if you are bringing food on campus for a celebration or reward that it needs to meet the nutrition requirements set by the USDA.


THE LOST AND FOUND is located in the MPR and the rack is loaded with clothing, towels, shoes, lunchboxes and water bottles. Small items, such as jewelry or cell phones will be in the office. All items marked with blue tape will be donated next week since they have been there for over a month and not claimed.


Dear Parent or Guardian:

During the month of October, 2017, all students in grades 7, 9 and 11, and all students enrolled in CUSD Alternative Education schools, will be asked to be a part of our school’s California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS) sponsored by the California Department of Education. The CHKS is a very important survey that helps promote better health and wellbeing among our youth, improve the school learning environment and combat problems such as drug abuse and violence. CHKS is conducted statewide every 2 years. Your child will be bringing home a “Passive Parent Consent Form” at least one week prior to the survey administration. Your child does not have to take the survey. If you do not want your child to complete the survey, you must notify your school and/or return the “Parent Permission Form” your child brings home, indicating that you do not give permission for them to participate. For more information about the survey, including viewing a copy, please go to : You may also contact Ann Brodsky, Tobacco Use Prevention Education Coordinator, 891-3050, x112,

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BIDWELL BOYS BASKETBALL TRYOUTS are October 2nd, 3rd and 4th in the Gym. If you are interested, come by the main office or visit for a tryout packet and grade check sheet.


If you are interested in running for an officer position for CJSF come into the Counseling Office for a flyer about officer duties. Be prepared to give a brief statement about your candidacy to our membership at our Wednesday, October 4th club meeting!


Two weeks in U.K. for teenagers age 14-18

This unique two-week course in the U.K., for boys and girls (14-18 years), will give an insight into what it is like to work within the aviation industry. We currently have programmes lasting 2 weeks, 7th July – 21st July and 21st July – 4th August 2018. Students will experience many aspects of life as a pilot, including flying lessons on light aircraft, Boeing 747 simulator, talks with pilots and emergency training with British Airways. Students will also learn about the maintenance and engineering side of the industry by visiting maintenance facilities and talks with professionals.

There will also be visits to aviation museums, an airline headquarters as well as some exciting recreational activities, sightseeing in London and Cardiff. The students’ accommodation will be in the Oxford area convenient to Oxford Airport where the flying lessons will take place.

This is an excellent way to help young people to decide whether they would like a career in aviation and provides a wonderful experience for the participants. They will go home with improved English language, flying experience, a broader outlook on life having spent time with other kids from around the world, not to mention having a lot of fun during the two weeks.

The price is £4,350 (GBP) inclusive of VAT, which includes accommodation, local transport and all activities, excluding flights to London and airport transfers.

Please follow the link to our website to view a video from the 2017 British Aviation Experience and for more information on the 2018 intake: